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9 Tips to get rid of dry skin in winters

So it’s December once again, and every year the same thing happens to you. Your skin becomes like dry like a barren land without rain. So, it not an astonishing fact that winter can damage your skin miserably. As a matter of fact, most of us suffer from the dry and itchy skin during the winters. You could easily spot this through the crusts of skin in your face, ankles, ankles etc. Therefore, it is high time to take solid action against the dry skin. I have listed 9 most effective methods to treat dry skin during winters.

Note: if you follow them and implement them into your daily life then only you will see a visible difference.

  1. Take a warm shower: 

    Before rushing to the washroom and taking a shower under boiling water. You must know that extremely hot water can strip your body of all the essential oils required to keep your body hydrated. Therefore, you should use lukewarm water for your shower for a perfectly relaxing experience. It will also help your muscles to regain their struture as well. For the next time turn down the temperature in your next shower to prevent your skin from getting dry.

  2. Take fewer and quick showers: 

    One thing you should know well that it would be best to stick to a particular showering schedule. Accordingly, if you have an active lifestyle which includes sports and gyming, you will definitely need more trips to the shower. Therefore, you’ll need to decrease the durations of your showers as the warm water will tend to rip off all the essential body oils. In the end, all you will get is a dry and itchy skin.

  3. Use the Soap gently: 

    Soap has basic chemical characteristics. Thus it is not a wonder that it will dry up your skin especially in the winter. Various studies in independent labs have shown that soap residue causes skin irritation which further bothers you. So, for the next time, you are looking to buy a soap make sure to look at its ingredients. Furthermore, any soap with antibacterial components, deodorants or perfumes is a clear no to your grocery list. For this reason, you should look for soaps that have natural ingredients rather than artificial chemical ones.

  4. Don’t use a washcloth: 

    You might be using a washcloth throughout your life while taking showers. But it’s high time to change that bad habit. As a result, the washcloths often strips off a top layer of your skin, It is one of the main reason behind dry skin in men. I would advise not to use washcloths, especially during the winter season. You might experience dry and itchy skin if you tend to overuse them. So what’s the next best alternative to washcloth? Try using your hands instead to wash your body. A natural method is always better than the artificial methods.

  5. Wash only the key areas of your body: 

    We all like to get clean. In fact, we waste many hours in our bathroom just to wipe off the last piece of dust from our body. But let me tell you something, washing every single part of your body can be damaging to your skin. Therefore, you should focus to keep a focus on the key areas like your armpits, your feet, and crotch area. In short, you should wash the parts that tend to sweat a lot. For the best results use natural soaps instead of artificial soaps to prevent from irritation.

  6. Use a proper Moisturizer to fight against Dry Skin: 

    Using a moisturizer to fight against dry skin can be really beneficial in long term. They are quite important to nourish you with essential oils, a nice moisturizer will help you combat against the dry and cold nature of winters. However, while buying you should consider the brand reputation in the market. As inferiors products may cause damage to skin instead of doing any good.

  7. Try skin products: 

    I can say that there are hundreds of products for your skin. Each of them has different purposes. Furthermore, they can provide you different strengths and weaknesses all depending on your skin type. Search for a thicker cream as it will act as a coating to your skin. You can choose from various cold creams suited for all kind of skins.

  8. Use a Humidifier: 

    You should know that a humidifier is a perfect way to fight against the dry air in your house. We can do everything to our personal hygiene but still, we might lack the last touch to ensure a proper normal skin. Therefore, you might consider buying a humidifier to fight against the dryness of winter. Your goal should be achieving 45-50% moisture in every room. As a result, this will create a proper ambiance without dryness. However, a humidifier can be an expensive affair.

  9. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water: 

    Last but the most important fact, you must keep yourself hydrated by drinking sufficient amount of water. As a matter of fact, water really helps your body to regenerate and maintain its natural moisturizers and oils. Therefore, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep yourself properly hydrated. However, if you are not able to drink the recommended amount of water then you can also switch some water-rich fruits and vegetables. They will also help you regenerate essential bodily oils of your body. The simple task of drinking water is often forgotten by people but it is highly beneficial for your body. But, when I say water I mean water only, I don’t mean any other energy drink or fizzy drink. Consuming them can cause other harmful effects on your body.

In conclusion:

 I would say that taking care of your skin should be the number one priority. As you skin’s health is also related to aging and looks. If you don’t pay proper attention to your skin then you start aging more rapidly. Furthermore, having a healthy and supple skin will make you look better no what you wear.

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