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20 Items that men should never wear

Great style always begins with minimalism. There’s no denying to this fact. So the next time you go shopping double check about the necessity of the items. In addition to that, you should first get rid of all outdated clothing and torn items from your wardrobe. you should know that there are two kinds of clothes; one that is strictly utilitarian clothing and one that is overly flamboyant. Therefore, you need to maintain a perfect balance between two of them. However, you clearly avoid adopting the trends blindly without even considering your body type. Finally, I have created this list with 20 items that you should never wear.

  1. Use of excessive fragrance: 

    Having a pleasant body smell is really desirable for everyone. We tend to use various methods to ensure a good smell around our body. Excessive use of any kind of fragrance is clear no. As a matter of fact, using too much fragrance can cause both allergic reactions and migraines. Moreover, the majority of men don’t know much about suitable fragrance for their body. That why men tend to buy anything that the big companies offer to them. You might have seen some perfume commercials where a man literally swims over girls after using the product. As a result, most end up using too much performance and announcing it by the odor. You must develop a good habit to use the right amount of perfume. First, spray on wrists. Second on your neck and chest. Finally, a large amount under your armpits cause they where the stink starts to grow. However, keep the bottle 10 inches away from your skin while spraying. As it can cause skin related problems. The number of sprays should remain the same no matter whether you use a strong perfume or a weaker cologne. Having a proper balance of your scent will attract people instead of repelling them.

  2. Large texts and logos on your clothing: 

    Okay, you must be aware that you are not a billboard for some advertising company to advertise their products. No the thought of being a walking billboard is not funny at all. Even if the clothing comes from the reputed brand big slogans and logos are strictly a no. A stylish man wears designer clothing not just for the branding. He also ensures that the clothes fit well and suits his lifestyle. However, don’t take me the wrong way and start wearing plain t-shirts. The thing is that you wear something less showy and less announcing. For example, a t-shirt with a small Lacoste is perfect for any occasion. The secret is to ensure minimalism of brand name. Try to keep it simple, there’s no need to for a showy t-shirt with huge logos.

  3. Logo Embroidered pant:

    Yes, you are not a boy who’s still in his puberty or Taylor Swift in her next music video. Always try to avoid pants with designer logos like batman logo, while whales etc. However, if you still like them then don’t wear them in public try to wear them in the home as pajamas.

  4. Sleeveless tank tops: 

    Everyone wants to look muscular and manly in front of people. But there’s a time and place for that (Beaches). You might think that showing off your exposed body will attract a lot of people. Whereas, wearing slim fitting shirts and t-shirts will also do the job for you. You should dress sharply to let people know you are stylish as well along with a good build.

  5. Shoes with pointy toes: 

    In the recent year’s pointy toed shoes have gained massive popularity among men. But let inform you with the secret behind them. The pointy shoes are made to look small feet bigger. Yes, it really helps the short people to appear a little taller and proportional. So, you should only consider them only if you are short (lower than 5 foot 8 inches). Otherwise, you will look like a clownish giant. In addition, try to switch to a more natural looking chiseled toe shoe for more classy looks.

  6. Shoes with square toes: 

    Anothing good example of extremist shoe shape. In the 90s they became quite famous among men. However, this is not the 90s we are living in the 21st century. This shape is generally suitable for people with broad feet. In addition, they will make you look shorter than your height. Try to buy a shoe with a curved toe. It will certainly look more stylish on any feet.

  7. Shoes with Velcro straps: 

    yes, you are not some kid feeding on baby food and having someone to change your diapers. It’s high time to get rid of them if you bought them for comfort only. This case is very similar to the wallet that kids use in their 5th grade to buy candy. Wearing a shoe with velcro might suggest that the person might be incapable of tying shoelaces. You surely don’t want to get embarrassed in front of people. However, if you are really incapable of tying shoelaces properly then you can surely try some loafers. They are ready to wear shoes without much a hassle.

  8. Wearing tight skinny jeans: 

    Even though they are on today’s trend I really won’t recommend you wearing skinny jeans in the first place. Skinny jean tends to cover and hug your legs very tightly. This makes your legs look shorter and skinnier than they should appear. Furthermore, they are also responsible for making you look less muscular overall. I would suggest you teenagers to buy them as they would suit their body type. On the other hand, if you have a little bit of belly fat then they will be a painful experience to wear throughout the day. Finally, here comes the most dangerous part that you should know about skinny jeans. Researchers have discovered that wearing skinny jeans can cause skin issue as they don’t allow proper respiration for our legs. Our legs often get extremely sweaty after wearing them. lastly, you are carrying a risk of tearing up the fabric at any part of the day due to its tight nature.

  9. Avoid jean with patterns or design: 

    Try to avoid jeans with any kind of embroidery or design in the back pockets. However, there’s no need to follow this step if you are a teenager. “Live while you are young”. But men should definitely avoid this to look more proper. Get rid of any jeans with symbols or ornaments glued to them.

  10. Clothes with Deep V-Neck: 

    It much better to show her cleavage through her clothing than a man. Yes, believe me, you can still show off your well-built chest through various skinny fitting clothes. Plus, you really don’t want to catch a cold with your open V-neck design. Try to avoid them at any point, cause you don’t want to be ridiculed.

  11. Get rid of studded belts: 

    They might suit young teenagers or some rappers. But they won’t suit a grown up man with responsibilities. Furthermore, you should know that a simple leather belt is quite sufficient to class up and show your personality.

  12. Throw away all baggy clothing: 

    The famous British actor Sean Connery might have worn some of the baggiest clothes and still made it sexy. But times have changed as there’s about 50 years difference to that time. A properly fitted attire will make your body look more shaped and will attract more compliments. on the other hand, baggy clothes have the opposite effect. As a matter of fact, wearing baggy clothes give a bad impression of unprofessionalism and sloppiness. Try to befriend a tailor and fix all of the baggy clothes that you got in your wardrobe. And get to know the perfect numbers and details of your body so that you won’t make any mistake while buying the next piece of clothing.

  13. Don’t wear boots with normal bottoms: 

    You might think that I have gone mad. But trust me you look really sloppy when you wear those rugged boots with a pair of trousers. We don’t need a debate to clarify the fact that boots define manliness and rugedness. But there’s a propoer way to wear anything just like you can’t wear a blazzer over a Dhoti. However, there’s no denying to the face that boots are ultimate when it comes to comfort and warmness. So, try to wear them with a pair of jeans or some heavy cargo pants. As they will give you a rough and tough look.

  14. Choker necklaces: 

    Again this is not mandatory for the teenagers to follow. However, men must keep this point in their mind. You should try to conceal any piece of chain around your neck. Try to change its announcing nature into discovering nature.

  15. Untucking formal shirts: 

    It will make you look shabby and lazy if you untuck your formal shirts. Furthermore, one might think that had a quarrel with someone which resulted in that look. That’s why the formal shirts have longer lengths compared with casual ones. Therefore they meant to be tucked properly. If you are looking to rock a more casual look then try to the button-down shirt.

  16. Wearing shiny party shirts casually: 

    In the 90s they came to a trend but today they certainly out of fashion. Still, you can wear them in some proper function, not on the streets. You don’t want to look like Micheal Jackson who’s ready to “Beat it ” in front of everybody. You should try to stick some plainer and classic outfits. “Trends may come and trends may go but you will wear me forever”.

  17. T-shirts with wings or flames: 

    Unless you are trying to mimic a biblical figure and trying to perform a dance number. A t-shirt with flames or a wing were a trend of the 90s fashion but they faded away over time. People will perceive you as show off and get repelled. However, teenagers can still wear them.

  18. Wearing Pajamas in Public: 

    They are only bedroom wear. Therefore, you should wear them only limited to your bedroom space. Even if you going to shop for some groceries in the nearby store try to avoid them in the first place. The embarrassment of getting caught by someone wearing them is quite shocking. Furthermore, wearing Pajamas outside of your home also implies that you have a lazy behavior when it comes to personal hygiene.

  19. Wearing sandals with socks: 

    I literally feel like blowing their head clean off when I spot someone wearing sandals with socks. Sandals were primarily made for comfort, to provide healthy air flow to our feet that our shoes fail. However, what is the point of wearing sandals if you are putting on a pair of socks? The socks are meant to be concealed by your trousers and shoes. Furthermore, I think sandals are only for comfort purpose as they don’t have much style or appeal.

  20. The remaining food between your teeth: 

    Okay, this is not related to clothing or style accessories. But this point is very important considering the fact that most people get it wrong. As we age our teeth starts to have gaps between them and these are gaps where food particles often remain. You can get really embarrassed if someone notices it in public. As a matter of fact, if this happens on a date then I can assure you that you won’t be having a second date unless the girl really loves you. The remaining food between your teeth resembles a lack of personal hygiene and laziness in general. Therefore, you happen to find that something is stuck between your teeth, immediately report to a bathroom and get rid of the stuff.

  21. Ties that are overly skinny or wide: 

    Ties are known to make men look gentlemen. However, you should always buy ties considering the latest trend and your body type. If you are the big guy then you can wear a bigger and wider tie. Furthermore, a tie becomes less formal as its width decrease and vice-versa.


I would say that men tend to make styling mistakes and trends are supposed to change at any moment. For example: once famous, boot cut jeans are only a decorative item in today’s date. Therefore, you must choose your clothes wisely so that they last longer. Otherwise, you need spend more to keep up with the latest trends.

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