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9 Main reasons behind hair fall

So you are worried about losing your hair lately? And you are going bald from your scalp? Hair Loss is a major problem among men. It has become an inevitable part of life. As it has become heredity from your father, grandfather, and brothers. In the end, you also become the part of your family culture.  First, you must know the reasons behind your baldness We have shortlisted some of the main reason that affects hair loss in men.

  1. Aging: 

    There’s no astonishment in the fact that aging is the main reason behind hair fall. You more likely too hair on the top of your head than on the sides. However, if hair loss is a part of your genes then you are more likely to lose all of your hair.

  2. The higher the number of childer, the higher the chance of hair loss: 

    Okay, you might think that this is a complete superstition but believe me it is a true fact of life. Strangely enough, this is due to the increased stress that is associated with having children (their responsibilities).

  3. Your diet affects your hair growth: 

    If you following a healthy diet then you are in the safe zone. However, if your diet consists of high level of Caffeine and Alcohol, then you might face catastrophic results in the form of hair fall. For this reason, those men who drink more than 4 alcoholic beverage in a week are more likely to face hair fall both from the top and sides of their head. Furthermore, those men who stayed away from alcohol had less hair fall.

  4. Smoking causes hair loss: 

    Okay we all know that smoking is injurious to health. As a matter of fact, all the packets of cigarettes contains the clear warning that smoking can cause cancer. But, did you know the fact that smoking can also cause hair loss? Researchers have found that men who smoked had more hair loss in the front and top of their head. Furthermore, the researchers suggest that this is because, smoking blocks blood flow to hair roots, and this makes the roots die slowly.

  5. Genetics are responsible for your hair loss: 

    No wonder, that genetics plays the biggest role in hair loss on the top specifically. If hair loss is in your genes and you have inherited from your father or grandfather, then are only a few methods left to fix it. Bad genetics is the major factor when it comes to hair loss.

  6. Various skin diseases can cause hair loss: 

    If you got a history of some skin disease then you are more likely to face the problem of hair loss.

  7. Clothing can also cause a balding: 

    This might be a surprising fact to you but let me inform you well that some clothing can cause serious balding. By clothing, you should give your focus on hats and headgears. Wearing a tight hat can cause hair fall, as the hat stops proper air flow to your head. Though, you might have heard that wearing a hat protects our scalp from the harmful rays of the sun. However, you will only block the essential air flow to your head if you tend to wear a tight cap or a hat.

  8. Stress affects hair loss: 

    As I have explained you in point number 2, stress is really harmful to the growth of your hair. The extreme level of stress can cause balding on both, the top of your head and the sides as well.

  9. Hormones can affect hair fall: 

    Yes, you have read it right. The higher level of testosterone will help you grow hair while the opposite has opposite effect. Researchers have found that having proper hormones will help you to grow hair on both, the top of your head and the sides as well.

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