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Best style advice for short men

So you are tired of being called the shorty whole life? And you face massive difficulty while purchasing new clothes? Don’t worry I got everything fixed for you. You must be very excited now, even thinking that you’ll be tall soon. Sadly, though there’s no natural method to get tall after you reach your adulthood. Sorry for that. However, there are various methods to hide your small frame under proper clothing. Plus, don’t even try to think about medicine that claims to increase your height rapidly. Believe me, they can cause harmful effects instead. Therefore, dressing sharply is the only way to look great. Here are some tips and tricks to hide your frame and make you look taller.


There’s a well-known theory that the slimmer you are the taller you look. As slimming cleans up the line and highlights your legs. The crotch area is very crucial while wearing trousers. If the length of the crotch drop is too low it will make your legs look shorter and ultimately you look short. Therefore, try to extend the length of the crotch drop to the possible high, it will give you a slimming effect and ultimately you’ll look taller. Furthermore, you can make the trousers narrow at the ankle to increase the slimming effect.


 It can be really tricky to choose the proper shirt for short men. Most of the short men face the problem of excess of fabric that billows or bunches. Therefore, try to find the shirts with slim fitting mainly near the chest. As this will help to make your torso appear narrow and slimmer. Gradually the slimming effect will apply here too. Furthermore, to increase the slimming effect try to tuck in the shirt that you wear. It will allow the shirt to fit more snug on the body which will increase its height. However, if you plan to keep your shirt remain to untuck your shirt then keep in mind that it shouldn’t be lower than 2 inches than your waist.


I have managed to tell you about basic outfits, now comes the extension to that. Blazers are meant for adding style to your body. Therefore, it is crucial to have them tailored well. Have the proper length of sleeves anything larger than your frame will make people think that you have borrowed it from someone. In addition, to look slimmer you have slimmer sleeves. Place the buttons of the Blazer above than usual position as high waist button gives the illusion of a high waist and long legs.


Most people recommend that short people should stay away from shorts. As they tend to believe that they make legs appear shorter. However, there are some ways to conceal your shorter legs. First, get it slimmed near the thighs as it will make the legs look longer. But keep your comfort in mind too. Secondly, try to wear the shorts above your knees. It will give a nice area to show your legs. Just like the pants try to make the crotch area higher as possible. lastly, try to wear sneakers with a low top as they are best for short men. You ankles must be visible and remain without socks.


Try to buy the perfect fit while purchasing a coat. As tailoring coats can be difficult because of the fabric. However, you can also purchase the cloth a tailor it according to your size. But this option might cost you a good fortune. Furthermore, coats are usually bulky and heavy which makes the short men seem much shorter. Try to find a coat with same design elements of blazers and sports coats. Then, try to figure out the perfect sleeve length, Have the proper button placement, place them high but not to the extreme level.


The accessories further enhance our outfit. They add further details to our regular clothes. But sadly, many accessories are not properly scaled to fit short men. Moreover, it is quite important to have the alignment of the accessories. It may be quite insulting for you but try to find some cool accessories in the kid’s section of a garment store. They will suit your body structure well and match your height too. In addition, try to wear shorter ties If you are having trouble with the size of the tie then try to learn some new knots to further decrease the length of the tie.

For this reason, try to stay from wide ties as they can occupy too much space on your torso. However, it is highly recommended that you wear accessories according to the occasion. Don’t be the metal shop in a hangout with friends. Feel free to wear bracelets and ear rings but always keep under the size appropriateness. Never buy heavy accessories unsuitable for your body.

Sweatpants and hoodies: 

People often stereotype that tall are meant for sports activities due to their agility. However, people can also be athletic. Take Lionel Messi for instance, he’s doing quite well in Barcelona. However, short men often find difficult to locate the section made for them in a sporting goods store. Sometimes short men have to secretly shop in the boy’s section for proper hoodies and sweatpants. But sadly they have to face another problem in this department.

The boy’s section is always full of flamboyant figures like superman, spider man printed on the clothing. This creates the huge problem of choice among the short men. Try to find brands that offer better options for short men. Now let’s talk about hoodies, they are really good if you wear them with their zippers open. It creates horizontal windows of the shirt that enchances the torso. You can also try out some slim fitting sweat shirts for you short frame, they will make your frame you slimmer and lean. Same goes with the joggers that make your legs slimmer and longer.


It is really struggling to stand with tall people. But with proper style and fitting, you can surely outshine them. You just need to know about brands and your size well.

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