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7 Tips for hair growth

So you found the perfect hairstyle to rock your head. But in order to have that perfect hairstyle, you lack hair growth? Now, you got the problem of hair growth that your hair won’t grow enough no matter what you try. You went to the local drug store to get something to fix your growth. Don’t even bother, as science says that an average person’s hair grows 1/2 inch in a month. Thus, you should only rely on natural methods rather than some miraculous pills with their unrealistic claims. Believe me, they are a complete waste of money. As a matter of fact, they might even slow down the natural growth of your hair. Finally, you don’t need to worry as I have got 7 natural ways to fix your hair growth.

Note: You must remember the fact that there’s no proven way grow hair faster than 0.5 inches per month. Furthermore, genetics are also responsible for your hair growth.

  1. Eat Healthy and proper diet: 

    We all know that what we eat reflects on our body. For example, if you consume a log of oily food then it will show its effect in the form of fat in your body. Therefore, we need to have a proper and nutritious diet to have a good hair growth. These are the must have in your diet:

  • Water: 

    No wonder it is the essential component of our diet to keep us hydrated and healthy. Similarly, your scalp must remain hydrated without ever getting dry. So, you must drink a minimum of 4 liters of water. Furthermore, if you live in a warm and dry region then you should drink even more. Researchers have found that hydrating yourself properly is very beneficial to your hair growth.

  • Protein: 

    Protein-based materials are present in our hair. So, it is essential to supply the adequate amount of protein to support the hair to hold their structural integrity. For nonvegetarian diet, you can consume 120 grams of meat for the recommended amount of your hair. And for a vegetarian diet, you can consume 120 grams of plants like nuts, lentils, tofu.

  • Vitamin C: 

    Vitamin C is helpful for both skin and hair. As it fights all kinds of cellular damage and retains the structure of skin and hair as well. Citrus fruits like orange, litchi, apples are the best source of Vitamin C. Furthermore, you can also have potatoes and red peppers for Vitamin C.

  • Good Breakfast: 
    Breakfast is the most crucial meal of your diet plan. As you eat after a long sleep. It offers you the nutrient after a long pause and refuels most of your body. A complete meal provides the perfect balance of nutrients to your body including the scalp of your hair.

2. Avoiding extremely cold showers: Yes, you read that right. Cold showers may be very relaxing to your body. But they can damage your scalp slowly. Researchers have found that cold water can constrict the capillaries of your scalp which carries essential nutrients. As a matter of fact, the cold water can make the active blood vessels inactive. Therefore, for a safe shower, you might start with lukewarm water on your scalp. And remember to maintain a constant temperature throughout the shower. In the end of the shower, you can use cold water to rise from the water and soap.

3. Start focusing on Conditioner than Shampoo: You must know the fact that it is not considered healthy to use Shampoo on a regular basis. As a result, it might cause the hair to become drier and harsh. Furthermore, it highly advised that you should avoid using shampoos with high levels of detergent and sulfates. Because they might literally strip the hair out of your scalp. You should know that the oily and greasiness is responsible for keeping your hair soft and shinny.

So there’s no point of making your look dry by using shampoos each and every day. Then, what really comes next are the conditioners. They really help to maintain the ends of the hairs. Furthermore, they reduce the risk of tangling, split ends and breakages. Conditioners are meant to replace the natural oil that is washed away during shower. In conclusion, we can say that using a conditioner daily is a healthy habit. Whereas using shampoo on a daily basis isn’t.

4. Never Comb your hair while they are wet:  Yeah, even if you are in a hurry never comb your hair when they are wet. As when your hair is in the wettest state, they are extremely vulnerable to break or split their ends. Therefore, I will advise you to dry your hair with a dry towel before using any comb on your hair. However, the drying part should also be done gently, as faster strokes might break the hair from their roots.

5. Exercise more often: Our body cells are entirely dependent upon Oxygen. As a matter of fact, Oxygen reaches through every cell of the body and maintains optimal blood circulation. Therefore, you need a proper supply of oxygen to get more cells in your body. Cardio workouts are the best way to maximize the level of Oxygen in your body. In addition, activities, like running, cycling, skipping rope, are some of the best-known workouts. Furthermore, if you want a good scalp, then massage your scalp on a regular basis. It will help you to provide relaxation to the cells of your scalp.

6. You must sleep well: A proper rest is very important after a hard day’s work. Your body needs some time to regenerate the lost energy. Researchers say that a healthy body needs a sleep of about 7-8 hours every day. In addition, during your sleep hours, your body gets into constant repair mode to repair the damaged cells. So, now you must understand that this time is crucial for the growth hormones as well.  Therefore, more sleep equals to more active scalp cells. Sleeping also helps in increasing the blood circulation in your body. Furthermore, a good workout will pump out your body and a good sleep will help you grow back your damaged cells.

7.Don’t worry too much: Researchers have found that worrying too much about your body is the main cause of health degradation. Similarly, the health of our hair also gets affected by tension. The more you get tensed the more it can burden your brain. Famous scientists have also found that physical or emotional stress is mainly associated with severe weight loss, exams or a death in the family. As a matter of fact, anxiety can physically weaken your body which includes your hair cells. So, must find some way to kill that stress. Try some new comedy TV shows, play some new sport, talk to new people, search for a new hobby. Anything new in your life is likely to eliminate the stress from your life. Finally, you can have a stress free life without any worries.

Conclusion: healthy diet, proper sleep, good thoughts can be very beneficial to hair growth. You must embrace yourself into a healthy lifestyle for a healthy scalp with good hair. But my friend patience is always the key to success. Otherwise, you won’t be getting the desired results any soon.


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