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5 Shaving mistake that you should avoid immediately

It remains a universally acknowledged fact that a beard makes a man look manly. No wonder why Vikings and Spartans are considered to the most mostly men. But is rocking a beard is enough to become manly? Think again you may look like an uncivilized caveman instead of a civilized man. Therefore, grooming is very crucial to give that beard a proper shape. But you are new into shaving and got no experience. You just picked up a razor and straight went commando on your sensitive skin. Ha ha! Got your lesson with a cut. Don’t worry it happens to everyone but let’s make sure that it won’t happen ever again. Here the 5 shaving mistakes that you should avoid immediately.

  1. Neglecting Pre-shaving preparation: 

    A flawless exam requires proper preparation before its commencement. Similarly, a proper shave requires proper preparation before its commencement. If you screw up in the beginning then you will definitely screw up in the end. Our facial hair is a strong body tissue, therefore it needs full hydration to soften up and to become more flexible. Warm water is the best choice to soften up the whiskers of your beard. As a result, it will provide proper natural lubrication and will prevent nicks and cuts. So, you must wash your face well before shaving or you can just shave after taking a bath. Ultimately, if you need the best experience then you can purchase a pre-shave oil, as it offers better lubrication and softness.

  2. Not Applying The Lather Before Shaving: 

    Shaving over un-lathered skin would be a big sin that you could commit on your skin. As it increases the risk of getting nicks and cuts. Therefore, you must apply proper lather before putting the dangerous blade over your skin. As a matter of fact, the lather will provide a perfect barrier between your skin and the razor. You will be able to glide the razor after you have applied the lather.

  3. Positioning The Blade At A Wrong Angle: 

    Safety should be the number one priority. Thus you must position the blade at a proper angle to ensure safety. Regrettably, many people hurt themselves because they put the razor on a steep angle. However, if you put the razor in a shallow angle it won’t cut anything. You must place the razor at 30 to 45 degrees to have a friction-free shave without any hassle. Using a cartridge razor would be the safest choice that you can make instead of using straight razors. It addition, keep your hand straight and do not pivot your wrist for the best shave. Finally, make long and slow strokes instead of short and fast.

  4. Putting Excessive Pressure with Multiple Passes: 

    It is the most dangerous habit practiced by some guys. They usually imagine that applying more pressure and strokes than the required amount will get them the perfect shave. But sadly, the opposite happens, they themselves in the risk of injuries. Moreover, don’t even think that having a thick lather on the face will save you from the nicks and cuts. Human skin is very sensitive and vulnerable to nicks. People often make the mistake of putting a lot of pressure over one area to get the perfect result, especially while using a blunt razor. However, these practices can be extremely dangerous while using a cut throat razor or straight razor. So, you must overcome these habits to avoid the nicks and cuts. How much pressure and how often do we need to apply on our skin? Always remember, you just need to hold on its own weight and let its weight glide over your skin. It will do all the work on its own without the need of much physical force or pressure. In addition, don’t stroke over the same area more than twice. Try not shave the area that has been once had lather, apply the lather again but don’t put the razor on the dry surface. It will only result in skin irritation and skin burns.

  5. Shaving With The Grain on The First Pass:  

    Grain is known as a natural growth direction of your facial hair. Its opposite direction is known as “against the grain” which is rough and not smooth. Among the two, people prefer shaving with the flow of the grain. As it offers less resistance and a perfect smoother shaving experience. However, some people also prefer the opposite and go against the grain. As it chops off the hair near the hair root. But sadly, this method can result in skin irritation, razor burns as well as nick and cuts. Therefore, to protect yourself you must shave with the grain in your first pass and then you can begin against the grain method. But don’t mix the methods into one, remember to provide a proper glide on your face. In addition, always remember to lather up your skin before starting each method. And remember to rinse the skin perfectly with warm water after each shave. Finally, never forget to clean up your razor after each and every shave. Any hair remaining in the razor will degrade the sharpness of the blade.

Conclusion: As you can see shaving it not that easy as it seems. Therefore, you must proceed with the right skill and caution before thinking about any razor. By avoiding these mistakes you could achieve a good and clean shaving experience. Hope you have an excellent shaving experience.

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