Here’s what you need to pack when you go on a business trip for a week

Here’s what you need to pack when you go on a business trip for a week

 When you are with friends who can use what I want, but with colleagues must be very sure of your clothing. Therefore, when you go for a business trip, it’s important to look your best dapper without taking your clothes in your suitcase. Coming to his rescue as always, you have the equipment you need to keep in your suitcase to attend an important meeting.

1. Start with the basics

Get your impeccable white shirt, a plaid shirt, pants, jeans and two jackets off the rack. You can never go wrong when you bring basics with you. It can also cause a pair of pants and still have another change of his shirt, accessories, shoes and jackets display.

2. You do not need four pairs of shoes

You’ll be tempted to take four pairs of shoes, but believe me, you will do well with one. Well well, you can wear two, but no more. Make sure to wear a pair of shoes and a pair of thick black blue or chocolate brown shoes. The two pairs of shoes will go perfectly with any outfit you wear.

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3. Leave room for accessories in your bag

Wearing a tie and a bow tie that matches your overall appearance, the SmartWatch, messenger bags with notebooks and other stationery.

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4. Keep your toilet bag

Creating a separate kit for hair gel, shaving kit, oil beard et al. Maintained at all times and remember that you are representing your company.

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5. Choose your scent wisely

Bring perfume has a subtle scent. It may take two flavors where you can light and can be used during the day and others can be very powerful that can be used at night.

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