Nuts and Bolts about an Oxford Shirt

Do you know: What is an Oxford Shirt? If yes, then it is good; and, if not, then you are sooner going to know about it if you continue reading this post to an end. There is a misconception about an Oxford Shirt, i.e., people consider it as a dress shirt; however, an Oxford Shirt is different from a regular dress shirt. Here is the difference between the two shirts for you:

  1. Oxford Shirts have a button-down style collar.
  2. Oxford Shirts are named after a particular weave of fabric i.e., Oxford Cloth.

Men can wear Oxford shirts with a suit to give themselves a formal look. On the other hand, if Oxford shirts are worn without a suit; then, their button-down collar style gives men a formal look. So, Oxford Shirts have two uses, which are: a) Oxford Shirt can be worn formally, and (b) Oxford Shirt can also be used for a casual wear.

Why Should Men Own Oxford Shirt?

Oxford Shirts are spectacular, and a man may own Oxford Shirts owing to the following reasons:

  1. Oxford Shirts Are Versatile: Oxford Shirts look awesome on men. Moreover, Oxford Shirts can be paired with the rest of men’ essential wardrobe. These shirts can be worn formally, as well as casually as discussed before. Roll up the sleeves and wear it with jeans to have a casual look. Button the cuffs, apply a tie on Oxford Shirt, and wear it under a suit to have a formal look. It is possible, because of the versatility of Oxford Shirts.


  1. Oxford Shirts Are Comfortable to Wear and Wrinkle-Free: Oxford Shirts are soft and comfortable, as the material used in Oxford Shirt is usually woven in a basket weave stitch pattern. Moreover, Oxford Shirt does not show wrinkles after a wash.
  2. Oxford Shirts Are Durable: Oxford Shirts are robust, because the fabric used in these shirts is heavier. You may see men wearing Oxford Shirts for long-term, and their shirts may look as good as new. It is definitely possible; if you wear Oxford Shirts, because Oxford Shirts are durable.

Why Should Men Own Oxford Shirt?

The fit of Oxford Shirts is same as that of regular dress shirts. Furthermore, men look dashing, when they wear Oxford Shirts. The reason is straightforward: Oxford Shirts are versatile, comfortable, and durable.

Which Is the Best Oxford Button-Down Shirt for Men?

In most of the cases, Oxford Shirts are made of the same fabric and weave; and, it is the color that matters to men for Oxford Shirts. The most attractive colors are white and light blue for Oxford Shirts; moreover, these colors make a statement of peace and loyalty respectively. The best Oxford button-down shirt for men is Van Heusen 13V0040. Why? This product is wrinkle-free, comes with a pocket, and it can be either be worn formally or casually. 

Last Thoughts…

Men purchase Oxford Shirts for a number of reasons. So, there are good reasons for men behind the purchase of Oxford Shirts. Lastly, Oxford Shirts can be worn either casually or formally; therefore, there is a high demand among men for such types of shirts.

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