10 must have items you need in your wardrobe

When it comes to shopping men may fall behind women. But interestingly men buy more useless products for their wardrobe than women. And this goes to a dangerous level when men buy clothing without even checking or wearing their size and fitting. Moreover, they forget to buy essential items in the excitement of buying the clothes of their choice. So, here are the 10 must have items for your wardrobe;

  1. A proper suit and trousers: 

    A gentleman needs a suit for various occasions. It can be a business meeting or a dinner party. In fact, a suit works as an armor against the bad style and bad impression. One good suit must be ready for all kinds of occasions. However, choosing a suit for your body can be quite confusing. So, I will recommend going with color options like medium gray, charcoal gray and navy etc. Furthermore, you should try to avoid solid colors and patterns on your suit if you are not a teenager. Then, you need to have a decent pair of trousers to go with the suit. I would say that you’ll need about 2 identical pairs of trousers that can go with your suit. Accordingly, you can change the first pair with an extra pair if the first one gets damaged. However, be very careful while choosing the fabric material of your trousers. As buying woolen trousers is a big mistake that you could commit. Therefore, try to look for more simpler fabrics for your suit.

  2. A decently colored tie: 

    First of all by tie I mean neck ties, not bow ties. Your suit is the primary piece of clothing which enhances your look. But a decent piece of tie takes to another level. Therefore, you should know that ties are quite powerful in the competitive world of business. They will increase the attention of people on you. By which you can have great influence on them. So, try to buy at least 2 ties for your wardrobe. But both with a simple and classic design. For the color choice, you can go with the muted colors like dark blue, dark green or even burgundy. The main key to purchasing a tie is to choose a color that isn’t distracting or drawing too much attention towards you. Try to blend in subtle colors instead of vivid colors.

  3. A blazer: 

    Suits are meant for occasions while a blazer can bring out your physique. They make your hands, chest, shoulders pop out and appear big. Furthermore, a blazer makes you look taller and more muscular man. For the color options stick to blue, brown, green or gray as these colors tend to last longer than any color. Furthermore, it will be easier to match trousers or jeans with these color choices. But before buying them try to match them with your complexion.

  4. Formal shirts: 

    A lot of men, especially young men tend to make this mistake. They think that having a casual shirt will do the job for any kind of occasion. By tucking the casual shirts inside they make up for any party. However, you must keep this in your mind that casual shirts have less length below the belt line as compared with formal shirts. Formal shirts always have the proper length to put them inside your pants. Now for choosing a formal shirt, you can choose shirts with white or blue shades. Furthermore, the color type is also very essential to consider while buying a shirt, try to find business collar type they suit well with every body type.

  5. Casual shirts: 

    Now the story goes the other way. Having formal shirts for occasions is good but you can’t just rely on them for casual occasions like going to a grocery store. Therefore, you need to buy some casual shirt that you wear tucked outside of your bottoms. You can try buying shirts with check-patterned. And here you got the independence to choose any color. However, the shirt that’s too bright may only go well with 1 or 2 trousers.

  6. A perfect pair of jeans: 

    A nice pair of denim can go with almost anything you wear. But having a proper fit is an essential part of any clothing. Therefore, ensure the perfect fitting before purchasing jeans. You will need 1 dark colored jeans without being saggy or baggy. it will go with almost anything, Levi’s is the best brand for jeans. They provide jeans with all sizes. But having a custom made Jean is even better, as it goes according to your preferences.

  7. An elegant watch: 

    In today’s generation, a wrist watch may have lost its importance. But still, an elegant wrist watch creates a personal style statement. Furthermore, a watch shows your class, responsibility and it goes as accessory your clothes. Wearing a watch with a suit is the perfect way to dress sharp. As a matter of fact, the watch is just like women’s ear rings, as it is not a necessity but it adds further details to style.

  8. A formal belt: 

    Just like a formal shirt is important for special occasions. A formal belt is also very important too. As a matter of fact, they add further touch to your dress and add details to.

  9. Formal shoes: 

    Footwear is out necessity when we need to go out somewhere. But you need to make sure that your dress matches your shoes. Therefore, formal shoes are very important to go with formal suits and trousers. You might think that as shoes stay at the low part of our body, thus people are less likely to look at them. But people can also start looking at from toe to head instead of head to toe. In that case, shoes will create the first impression. At this point, you must be getting my point about the importance of shoes. Formals shoes can come in various types like plain oxfords, balmorals. Black and brown are the best colors for formal shoes and leather is the best material.

  10. Boots: 

    Having casual and formal shoes is not enough. You should be prepared for terrible weather conditions too. Your casual shoes won’t last in extreme weather conditions. Try to find boots with a solid rubber bottom, as they are the best when it comes to durability. Furthermore, they will provide you more traction and grip. However, choosing the color is totally your personal option. But I would suggest you to concentrate more on black or brown, as they match with almost every kind of clothing. Finally, try to decide the weather you want to use your boots. As they are not appropriate to wear all around the year. Maintain the balance between durability and comfort.


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