Why James Bond is the most iconic character of all time?

The legacy of James Bond

Over the past 50 years, a famous British Spy series has managed to win millions of hearts worldwide. His legacy matches with the legacy of Sherlock homes. But James bond further shines with its official movie franchise. The film ‘Skyfall’ noted the 50th anniversary of the movie franchise. And over the years six iconic British have successfully played the role of the spy. Furthermore, it is the longest running continuous movie franchise ever. Its fans are still spellbound by the charm and magic of the character. Ian Fleming created the iconic character in his thriller novels. So why the character is still famous among the people? Let’s find out why:

  1. A complete badass:

    James Bond is not afraid of death. In fact, over the 50 years, the character has encountered countless near death experience. He always remains confident and self-assured. And always try to plan gateway plans after his mission. Plus, he always keeps duty ahead of everything. He sees his job more important than girls and money. Defending his country is his top most priority at any cost. Moreover, he manages to crack some jokes between the toughest situation as well which makes him more badass in my opinion.

  2. He is a master of class:

    There’s a big difference between swag and class. That’s what separate men from boys. Being a middle aged man (early 40s) makes James Bond an expertise in class. In addition, he rocks a tall and slim which plays a huge factor in seduction. He also has impeccable dressing sense. You won’t see Bond wearing shabby clothes in any of movie. In addition to that, he also a witty man. He can speak various European languages in different dialects. And he knows a lot of about technology and science as well. Ian Fleming created the character in the light of a British Naval intelligence officer. Which automatically gives Bond a different class of sophistication and class. His unique class and sex appeal have attracted a lot of women over the year in the movies. As you can see different bond girls in every single movie. His charms remain undefeated by any character in the world. James Bond signifies the finest of the British attitude to the world.

  3. His sleeves are full of tech:

    The Q branch has been very popular for providing some of the cutting edge technology to bond. Whenever Bond goes to a mission he visits the Q branch to receive some interesting gadgets. In addition to that, he also fiddles with some gadgets to give us some gags as well. The film franchise always tried to stay ahead of the time. They always introduced some of finest piece of gadgets mankind has ever seen. From exploding pens to submersible cars we have seen many things. All of the gadgets have a certain use in the movie. They were used to cut some wire for escape or some jetpack to fly away. Watches are the main gadgets that increased the appeal of the character. Famous companies like Omega, Rolex, Seiko have collaborated to the franchise to promote their products as well. However, watches are worn by Bond always had some unique hidden features. Be it a ‘fax machine’ or ‘laser’. Lastly, cars have been the highlighting factor of the franchise. We have seen some top class exhilarating car chases over the years. The Aston Martin DB5 remains the most iconic vehicle of the entire films. It has been featured in most of the Bond movies. The car adds class and British feel to the movie franchise. The filmmakers modified the original DB5 with weapons and equipment for the iconic chase in ‘Gold finger’. In the recent times, Aston Martin specifically designed the D10 for their latest installment ‘Spectre’. Furthermore, the Bond actors also enjoy the facility to use any Aston Martin cars without paying anything to the company.

  4. The perfect casting:

    Over the 50 years, eight actors have played the role. None of them failed to retain the legacy and class of the character. Ian Fleming personally cast Sean Connery as the cast in their first movies. He made the movie into an iconic franchise all over the world. No one is unaware of the famous dialogue “The name is Bond, James Bond” in a proper British accent. George Lazenby was a different attempt at the Bond franchise. His character showed the personal life of Bond. He got married to a girl but later things changed. Presently, Daniel Craig is bearing the torch of the movie franchise. He is the modern day bond; his character has all the crucial features of the modern day man. The franchise always tried to cast a British actor as their leader to maintain the purity of the character.

  5. The series is timeless:

    Not many movie franchises are able to maintain their legacy for this long. As many of the stories and characters get buried under the wave of time. But James Bond is a complete exception. His character has been the favorite of our father and Grandfather as well. It is said that the movie franchise can be divided into eight generations with eight different actors as Bond. The story line also focused on different political scenarios. The first movies focused on post World War while later they shifted their focus on the Cold War between the US and USSR. They always keep their stories updated with the current world politics. For this reason, they later focused on world terrorism and oil gambling. However, these continuous updates don’t mean that they lose the essence of the character. The roots of the character are still intact with its British heritage. Every once in a while you get to notice some glimpse of the traditional aspects of the classic movies. The iconic James Bond tune is always a delight to our eye. As it makes us feel heroic in every single way. And the franchise also showcases some old gadgets in their current movies to recall their iconic past. The relevant nature further increases the appeal to the new audience.

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