Why Abhishek failed Bollywood?

Abhishek Bachchan was believed to the rising star of the early 2000s. But with the tide of time, he has only become a part of internet memes. So why such a huge star from a huge family background failed to establish success in Hindi cinema? His career reigned over a long decade. And he has managed to play in more 50 Bollywood movies. But only a few of them saw success with him being as the lead character. Even if we cut down the role of other actors in his movies then so far he has only given two hits in his long career. Only Bunty Aur Babli and Guru has managed to make a huge success in the Bollywood. And films with more actors like Dostana, Bol Bachchan, Paa, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Sarkar have seen the light of success. So why this lack of performance?

Possible reasons behind Abhishek Bachchan:

  • He became a victim of high expectations:

    There’ no denying to the fact Amitabh Bachchan his father is the greatest superstar of all time in Bollywood. He has given countless blockbusters in the movie industry. Therefore, with the beginning of this millennium people were expecting Abhishek (Junior Bachchan) to restore and continue his father’s legacy. People even took him as the true contender to the Khans of the industry. But in return, Abhishek Bachchan only gave a series of flops to the industry. People expected too much of his films but got disappointed by their below average performance. We cannot say that he is a completely pathetic actor as he has proved himself in few movies. It is our high expectation which made him appear a bad actor. Actors like Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor started at the same with Abhishek Bachchan but their names are bolder today.

  • Wrong decisions:

    He was doing pretty well in the industry. With the release of Dhoom in 2004, he managed to gain huge fame among the people. If fact, 2005 and 2006 were his golden years. Mani Ratnam’s biographical movie Guru was the career defining movie for Abhishek Bachchan. He did a pretty good job in both Paa and Dostana. But everything went to ashes when his choice of scripts became poor. His contemporaries were giving hits after hits while he was only craving for a single commercial success in the industry. After 2010 his career went totally kaput. He did the mistake of taking the role of the repetitive cop. The audience wanted something new from him. But he failed to deliver anything new or innovational to the audience. He clearly lacked freshness in his roles.


We know that he has got the potential to act. We have seen that in films like Guru, Delhi 6. But over time his poor decision has made him a joke among the audience. Abhishek Bachchan can do really well then the so-called stars of today’s generation. But sadly, again he is believed to have joined the cast of Houseful 3 which could be a massive disaster.

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