Spider Man: The homecoming


The movie straight out blew my breath away, yes I’ll admit my expectation wasn’t high, with the 5 other average Spiderman films that came before this, I wasn’t expecting anything different than interactions with the Avengers.


Let me first start off with the beginning of the film. I would say the reason that this movie was so cool was that the fact that a lot of young teenagers could easily relate themselves to being Peter Parker, the writers made an excellent choice of choosing a young Peter.

This made the movie so much easier to relate to, they showed real social problems concerning the lives of high schoolers at the same time making it a little more dramatic and adding humour which probably made this movie one of the best superhero movies I’ve ever seen, and let me tell that I’ve seen almost every single live action superhero adaption ever.

Second off was the fact that this wasn’t one of them ( the whole world is ending, let’s save it) clichés. In my personal opinion, I’m tired and sick of these because they are getting way too unbearable to watch. Which Batman V Superman showed us. Anyways I loved how they kept the movie realistically ( I know I sound so Ironic right now ) in Peter having his limits of being Spiderman. They kept real as in Peter had to worry about being a student. While at the same time protecting his neighborhood, and at the same time his hero level.

More reasons behind its success:

Third off the best part of the movie was the Humour. This wasn’t little kids funny jokes humor like I said before the writers made the movie easy to relate to for students. So the jokes were definitely above little kids humor. I’d say around Community kind, which is the best.

The jokes weren’t lame like in The Amazing Spider-man so I don’t know a great to explain the jokes and the type of humor is the review so all I can say is go watch the movie yourself. I assure you will not be disappointed.

Fourthly and lastly Thank you SONY for giving my favorite superhero back to the rightful owners. And not trying to screw it up, by making the third reboot with your company only. One of the big differences from the Tobey Maguire Spider-man movies was that it didn’t revolve around LOVE the whole time.

That was the one thing I couldn’t bear. Yes, I think that romance definitely plays a big role in all movies. But the ones with Maguire only revolved around that, so I just couldn’t put up with them.

Anyways Homecoming keeps all the action, humor and romance balanced which is all thanks to Jon Watts I truly believe they picked the right director for the 3rd reboot of the Spider-man film. He was able to balance everything so that they fit in perfectly with everything else, like a jigsaw puzzle. I’m not even going to start with Andrew Garfield, I mean they should’ve stopped after the first movies.


Anyways I highly recommend that you watch this in theaters because it just makes the experience so much better.

Honestly, for me this is one of the best superhero movies that’s ever came out, I believe that MARVEL can now go for with Spider-man and not to mention the amazing acting from Tom Holland he nailed his role perfectly that all I can say

Anyways stop reading this and go watch it if you haven’t already.

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