Shahruk and Kajol: the best on screen pair

Their magic is known all over the country. If you ask a child or elder, everyone has seen at least one movie by them. Shahrukh Khan and Kajol first appeared in Baazigar together. And that was it, the screen got set on fire. The ticket sales sky rocketed like never before. In the past decade, they have managed to film several movies together.

They are well known for Baazigar, My Name is Khan, DDLJ etc. Their pairing seems absolutely perfect to the viewer’s eye. Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand their love and romance is real or just real. Their legacy was mainly established in the movie DDLJ. Which created a new inspiration among the lovers in the country. Many other actors and actresses have tried hard to recreate the same magic on screen. But most of them failed to capture the essence of perfectness.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is another masterpiece the lovely reel couple. Over the years, the golden couple has managed to win millions of hearts across the country. As a matter of fact, they have also defeated the age old legacy of Raj Kapoor-Nargis and Amitabh Bachchan-Rekha. Undoubtedly, their work makes them the most popular Jodi in the Bollywood.

Their latest movie (quite old by today’s standard) Dilwale has managed to gain huge box office success. The name of the star cast is enough to attract the audience no matter what the story of the film is. But this not the end to their legacy, as more is yet to come.

Here are some reasons which contribute to their success:

  • They have the best on-screen Chemistry: 

    Good acting is very important to make a film successful. However, in the case of Shahrukh and Kajol, it always seems that they are really a part of the film. Everything seems so natural and spontaneous in their films that you don’t feel that you are watching a movie. Instead, you feel you are living in reality. Their on screen loves feels like real love.

  • The DDLJ factor: 

    This film redefined the romantic genre in India. As a matter of fact, it replaced the concept of Romeo and Juliet in India with its own characters. Till date, this film remains a major inspiration among the people. DDLJ created a huge achievement into the achievement lists of both the actors. Furthermore, some new films often refer some dialogues into their films to give homage to this epic.

  • Their pair always makes us fall in love: 

    You must have heard the saying “Love is in the air”. However, it becomes a true reality whenever you try to watch their movies. As most of their movies are based on a romantic story. You always feel some similarities with the traits of their portrayed characters with yourself. This effect is quite evident when you try to sing their songs or try to mimic some dialogues.

  • The best compatibility: 

    No one gets tired of seeing the two acting on the big screen. many popular pairs in Bollywood have come and gone, but no pair holds the glory of Sharuk and Kajol. Their similar physical attributes (like height and weight) also contributes to this factor of compatibility. There are many popular actors like Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan but no has been consistently successful like this golden pair.

  • Is this real or reel?

    : We always tend to get confused that they are just acting on the film. Some of the use might even consider that they are a couple for real. However, both of them are married to someone else. This theory can be well observed by the people’s desire of Salman Khan and Aishwarya having an affair with each other.

  • They have become our role models: 

    Their success story is really inspiring. Especially, Shahrukh Khan’s struggle to become the most successful actor is really remarkable. People deliberately copy on screen dialogues and their fashion. Youngsters are often seen reincarnating the popular scenes from their movies.

  • Their real life friendship: 

    If you keep an eye on their personal life then you might be aware of their immense friendship as well. Their friendship has created a new meaning to the boy-girl relationship. They make us believe that a boy and a girl can be just friends as well.

  • They have done some iconic works together: 

    Over the past two decades, they have done some of the most successful movies together. This creates a good impression among the directors who further cast them into their movies. Despite their aging, every producer and director are willing to cast their movies instead of young actors.

  • The Karan Johar factor: 

    The pair of Kajol and Shahrukh gets its best touch when they pair with Karan Johar. All together they have created some masterpieces for the Bollywood. Furthermore, Karan Johar always gets the best music in his films to make them more attractive.

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