The Beatles: The greatest boy band ever!

You listen to them, your father used to listen to them and your grandfather did the same. The legacy of Beatles is really unbeatable. They were responsible for creating a revolution in the music industry. Everybody just said that rock and roll are too loud for the ears. But the Beatles proved them wrong by creating their own music. The beauty of their music also lies in the meaningful lyrics. One could easily relate to their songs. I would highly recommend you to go out and check their iconic music if you haven’t already. So coming back to the story; what makes them the best boy band ever?

Here are some reasons:

  1. They were not just limited to music: There’s no doubt that their music is popular in the world. But apart from their music they made a huge impact on the fashion world too. From clothing to hairstyles their influence is evident in the fashion world. The floral print shirts were made famous by the Beatles. Their tour to India brought sandals into fashion. In the 60s and 70s, people would copy their hairstyles. And their collarless suits and jackets made a popular fashion statement among the people.
  2. Their live concerts: The Beatles were the first to perform in front of such huge audience. Sometimes their concerts would have over 55000 people. All of them screaming and shouting at one. The Beatles made the concept of concert become true. Their popularity has so huge that their tickets got sold out in just 17 minutes. People would just stand and watch their concerts if they were unable to get seats. Sometimes people would hang on the trees and nearby buildings just to witness their concerts live.
  3. Sir George Martin, the fifth Beatle: Gaining fame is a hard task and managing it properly is even harder. Sir George Martin was the producer of the Beatles. He helped the boys to showcase their talent in front of the audience. He was responsible for spreading their talent to the masses. As a matter of fact, people consider him one of the best producers ever.
  4. They became the best despite tough competition: Today, people might say that those days there was less competition. But those were the days when the greatest legends of music were playing their music. As a result, the Beatles faced huge competition from The Bee Gees, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson and much more. The 60s and 70s were the days when the music industry was at its peak with gems. However, the Beatles managed to secure their own fame and fan following. And today also their music is still relevant and liked by the people.
  5. Versatile genres: Although the Beatles are famous as a rock band. But they tried various music genres like psychedelic rock, pop, Indian classical and much more. Their experimentation of different music genres separates them from the other musicians in the market. The Beatles had a prominent shift in their music when they completed their Indian tour. They introduced various Indian musical instruments such as Sitar, Tabla into their songs. They gave Indian music a western touch, which creates more fans in the global level. Furthermore, they took traditional American jazz and gave it some English touch.
  6. They were both fun and intellectual: This fact is quite evident if you take a closer look at their lyrics. Some songs are really joyful and enjoying while some have really deep meaning and emotions. All of the Beatles had an intellectual personality as they discussed world peace, spirituality. Furthermore, their religious tour to India shaped their personality into an intellectual being. Their songs gained more meaning and emotions. They started to point out problems of life and world. Their lyrics always managed to please the audience in various ways.
  7. Three song writers: Lyrics adds meaning to a song. And powerful lyrics are required to make a song a block buster. The songs by the Beatles had an abundance of good lyrics. Their lyrics were deep and joyful at the same time. People could easily relate themselves to their choice of words. Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison wrote some of the best songs in the history. Their lyrics were like poems which dealt with love, emotions, spirituality etc. Their India tour contributed to some of the greatest lyrics in the history. They even used some Indian Shlokas in their songs to enhance the spirituality of their songs. In their last days, they have completely turned themselves into a religious path of Hinduism. However, John Lennon was still an atheist.
  8. They created the real pop music: With the release of the album Rubber Soul, they created history. It was the beginning of the pop culture. They were responsible for igniting a completely different kind of music for masses. Because of their influence and role, we have epic masterpieces of pop music in the recent years. The pop genre was a completely new kind of music in those days.
  9. They invented the concept of bonus tracks: If you have purchased a music album recently then you must have noticed some bonus tracks in the track list. The Beatles were the first to introduce the concept of bonus track into an album. Later most of the popular bands and musicians followed the same trend with their music album. Beatles also included some demo recordings into their album to further increase their presence over the listener.
  10. They have sold over 1 billion records: Over the period of 50 years, they have managed to sell over 1 billion records worldwide. And during this time they have sold their songs in records, cassettes, CDs and digital downloads. Surely they have come a long way with us. And it is very likely that their legacy will continue with us. As a matter of fact, some of the new movies are using their songs in their soundtracks. That’s quite enough to prove their legacy even after 50 years.

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