Music is Beneficial to Children even Before they are Born!

As per scientists, it has been proved that an unborn baby can recognize voice of their mother, native language, and even start remembering rhymes and word patterns. So it definitely makes a lot of sense that music impacts the baby.

Now the question is whether listening to classical music can make foetus smarter? The science of development of early language among babies in womb has some good news for mothers-to-be.

Classical Music

It was in the later part of 1990s that the concept of playing classical music to bump became popular. The ritual was started after revelation of results of research that made it clear a child can become more intelligent by listening to music in mother’s womb. So, the music industry cashed on with this unique concept by selling brain-boosting music to mothers to be.

A study by Frances Rauscher, the famous psychologist on American college students revealed a link between listening to Mozart and development of IQ. Later on, it was tested on unborn babies.

Mozart can make brain of an unborn more active. Babies within the womb have shown improved brain activity after being exposed to music. Studies have also proved that mothers reading aloud to baby will have a very soothing effect. It helps the unborn baby relax better.

Mother’s Voice

A lot of serious research has been made into the impact of voice of mother voice on unborn child. The soothing and pleasant effect of a mother’s voice when she reads aloud will help baby grow happier, livelier, and stress free. Auditory learning can be shaped effectively by intonation within a voice. This results in newborn baby recognizing mother’s voice and even developing a preference for it. Voice has a positive impact on overall development of auditory system of baby. It will also positively affect emotional and social development of baby. Similarly, exposure to music during pregnancy has long-term effect on brain of an unborn baby.

Music and the Brain

Studies have revealed that music play a vital role in development of brain before birth. In the year 2013, a research in Europe showed that exposure of unborn babies to music posed a long-term impact on brain. It also revealed that newborn babies can easily remember the version of famous nursery rhyme ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ when played while they were still in the womb. Babies were also seen responding differently to alternative versions played. Interestingly, these beautiful memories created before birth lasted until babies turned four months.

Premature babies can also be encouraged to feed by playing soothing music to them. Other studies have revealed that babies are born with inherent skill to identify musical beats. Some research has also suggested that soothing music could boost vital signs such as O2 saturation and heart rate levels in babies. Parents have been singing lullabies to babies since centuries. The habit develops naturally when individuals become parents. Babies respond really well to these musical experiments by parents. This also explains that there are benefits from playing music to babies when they are in the womb.

A research from the year 2014 reveals that pregnant women become more sensitive to music as compared to those who aren’t expecting. This has also displayed a significant increase in blood pressure in response to music.

Softer Lighter Music

The baby can hear music in the third trimester. Hence, you can introduce gentle sounds to baby such as interesting nursery rhymes, lullabies, and soft music. These are very soothing for fetuses. Unborn babies have sensitive auditory system. Hence erratic and very loud noises can startle the baby. Additionally, too much noise will be stressful for the little one. The volume should be low. Your choice of music must be melodic. The baby should not be introduced to harsh metal tracks! These experiments can be done at a later stage when the child joins music courses.

Making Music a Part of your Baby’s Life

– Play music around the house at an appropriate time and observe if you get some reaction. Make sure the volume of the music is not too high.

– It is important for the mother and baby to relax during the third trimester. Hence, it is time listen to some of your favorite songs. The idea is to stay happy and help the baby relax too.

– Do you enjoy live music? If yes, then go for it. “Although the baby is protected from most of the loud noises though several layers surrounding them, any extreme noises can be harmful.” So it is important to keep the environment as light as possible.

– Singing rhymes and lullabies to your bump will help. It is a beautiful way to bond. The baby will love to listen to your voice.

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