Interesting facts about Shakira

She is the sensation; she is the voice. Her songs are the perfect dance number. They have emotions and rhythm. In fact, she has the official singer for the football world cup twice. Shakira is a Colombian singer, dancer, record producer, song writer. She is the face of the Latin music industry. Her success can be noted by the number of records sold worldwide. In addition, she’s also famous for her philanthropic activities with her Pies Descalzos Foundation. In fact, Forbes had listed her as the 58th most powerful woman in the world.

Some Interesting facts about Shakira:

  1. Her parents:

    Her mother is a Spanish born while her father is a Lebanese. William Mebrarak Chadid is her father and Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado is her mother.

  2. Her full name:

    You might know her by her stage name Shakira. But her full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll.

  3. She has eight siblings:

    Shakira has a huge family of eight siblings. And out of all of them, she is the youngest.

  4. The tragic death of her brother:

    His oldest brother got hit by a car while he was riding a motorcycle. Sadly, his brother didn’t survive the crash. Shakira was only two years old when this incident happened.

  5. Her name’s Arabic connection:

    If you take an Arabic dictionary and translate her name into Arabic then you will find the result as “grateful”. Her father’s Lebanese connection gives more light to this fact.

  6. A young talent:

    At a very young age, she represented her country (Colombia) at the grand festival Vina del Mar. And very surprisingly she managed to earn the third place with her own song “Eres”.

  7. The secret behind her dance:

    You might have noticed in her music videos and concerts that she dances extremely well. Her moves are always according to the rhythm and beats of the song. In her teenage days, her old grandmother taught her traditional Arabian belly dancing. As a result, in her later she developed her dancing skills to the next level. There are very few artists that can sing and dance well at the same time.

  8. Her first Album:

    She released her first music album at a tender age of 13. I don’t think that any other artist had started their career at so early age.

  9. She gave tribute to her lost brother:

    Her song ‘Tus Gafas Oscuras’ (Your dark glasses) was completely dedicated to her lost brother. Moreover, the song was focused about her father’s moaning over the loss of his son.

  10. “Laundry Service”:

    It was her first English Album. With its release, she got massive popularity in the English speaking countries as well. In fact, Laundry service has been certified 4 times platinum.

  11. She could have acted in “The Mask of Zorro”:

    Famous filmmaker Steven Spielberg gave her the opportunity to act in his famous film “The Mask of Zorro”. However, Shakira had to deny the role because she thought her English was not good enough for movies. Later, Catherine Zeta Jones played the role that was first offered to Shakira.

  12. She has her own action figures:

    Well, not action figure actually but dolls instead. The famous toy manufacturer Mattel manufactured various dolls inspired by Shakira’s look.

  13. The recognition of her philanthropic works:

    Shakira was awarded a humanitarian award on 2006 for establishing a foundation. She had helped children in Colombia to escape local violence.

  14. She is multilingual:

    Over the years she has managed to speak English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian fluently. This gives her more edge to make songs in various languages.

  15. She says no to bad habits:

    Amazingly Shakira doesn’t drink any alcoholic drink. And she doesn’t even smoke. Furthermore, she also stays away from coffee. No wonder how she managed to stay in shape for this long.

  16. Helped to fight poverty in Latin America:

    She had teamed with Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez to begin a child poverty foundation. Over the years the foundation targeted to fight the crippling poverty in the Latin America.

  17. She greatness caught in a statue:

    If you happen to sail near the Colombian Caribbean coast then you will see her huge 5-meter iron statue. This statue immortalizes her legacy in the world.

  18. Her alternative career choices:

    In some interviews, she has often said that she could have been a psychologist or an astronomer as an alternative to singing.

  19. She like flowers:

    If you want to impress her then bring sunflowers or daisies for her.

  20. Nickname:

    Her closest friends and relatives often call her “Shaki”.

  21. She is also a painter:

    Yes, she is really multi talented. She can also paint well in her past time. As a matter of fact, she also used advanced materials like fried eggs in her paintings.

  22. No tattoos:

    In the music world having a tattoo has become a fashion statement. And especially in the Spanish musicians, it is quite common. However, Shakira is an exceptional case. She does not have any tattoo on her body.

  23. She personally admires Gloria Estefan:

    Shakira is a big fan of the Latin music artist Gloria Estefan. In fact, she praises her achievements for the Latin music industry.

  24. Her favorite colors:

    Black and white are her favorite colors. Well, that’s quite minimalistic considering such a vivid personality.

  25. Her favorite bands:

    The police and U2 are her all-time favorite bands.

  26. Her favorite food:

    She loves mojarra fried with Patacon. In addition, she also keens of Arabian food, seafood, and chocolate balls.

  27. Her favorite book:

    “The Prophet” by Khalil Gibran is her favorite book. However, Oriana Falacci is her favorite author.

  28. High intelligence:

    By this far you must have noticed that she is a multi talented personality. And this fact is further backed up by her IQ level. Shakira scores an IQ of 140. For your information, the score of 100 is considered to an average.

  29. Her relation with the son of Antonio de la Rua:

    From 2000 she dated the son of the president of Argentina. However, they got separated in 2011. Later she married Gerard Pique.

  30. She hides her ear:

    She never liked her ear from the very beginning. For this reason, she always tried to cover them with different hair styles.

  31. Her favorite actor:

    Hugh Grant is her favorite actor. She admires him.

  32. Shakira was once attacked by a lunatic fan:

    She has plenty of adoring fans. And she is well known for her humanitarian works as well. But once a lunatic fan attacked her with a bag of cement. Thankfully, she was not hurt in this attack.

  33. She doesn’t like jewelry:

    Despite being filthy rich she never had any interest in wearing any kind of jewelry. She only wore some in her music videos.

  34. She likes chocolate:

    Yes, in fact, her diet plan also consists of huge amount of chocolate. But still, she stays away from unhealthy candies with high sugar.

  35. Bestselling Colombian artist:

    Over the years of her success, Shakira has managed to become the best-selling Colombian artist of all time. In fact, she has got a sale of over 60 million albums worldwide.

  36. She appeared Ugly Betty and Wizards of Waverly Place:

    She gave small appearance in both the TV shows. And both times she played herself (Shakira) on the screen.

  37. President Obama invited her to the White House:

    Not many people get the honor to get invited to the White House. But on 2010 Shakira was invited to the White House to discuss some Humanitarian causes.

  38. Hollywood Walk of Fame:

    Shakira earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

  39. Her first meeting with Gerard Pique:

    Shakira met the footballer during her shoot for the official World cup song (2010). Gerard Pique also appeared in her video of “Waka Waka”.

  40. Her surprising revelation of her relationship:

    On March 2011 she revealed about her relationship with Gerard Pique (Spanish footballer). She gained more attention when people came to know that Gerard Pique was ten years younger than her.

  41. Same birthdays:

    Shakira and her life partner (Gerard Pique) shares the same birthday. i.e. 2nd

  42. Her First child:

    On January 22, 2013, she gave birth to a healthy boy. Later, they named him Milan.

  43. Her dedication to her work:

    Just after two months of giving birth to Milan, she returned to her work.

  44. The height difference:

    Both of them make a lovely pair. But did you know that Shakira is just 5’ 2”, while Gerard Pique is 6’4”? Hmm, quite a difference.

  45. She is filthy rich:

    There’s no astonishment to this fact. But did you know that she owns homes in Miami; Colombia; Barcelona; Bahamas.

  46. Shakira loves pets, dogs specifically:

    she owns three dogs – Chan, Gordita, and Coquito.

  47. She even loves some sports:

    Truly she is a vivid personality with so many talents and interests. But did you know the fact that she even loves playing golf, tennis, basketball and occasional swimming?

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