Lesser known facts about Dwayne Johnson

Every WWE and Hollywood fan is aware of the popularity of Dwayne Johnson. He is the face of WWE even after his disappearance from the ring. In fact, he is popular as the “people’s champ” all around the world. His massive physique has been the inspiration for the fitness enthusiasts. In fact, you will surely find a poster of “The Rock” in every gym. Presently, he is also the face of Hollywood. He has given dozens of blockbuster to the industry. The fast and the furious series got a massive lift with the introduction of Dwayne Johnson to its star cast. So without further a due, lets discover some lesser known facts about “Dwayne Johnson”

Facts about Dwayne Johnson:

  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

    Tim Burton chose Dwayne Johnson as his second choice for the popular role of Willy Wonka.

  2. He gave surprise to his fan:

    In 2015 he officially became an ordained minister to surprise one of his fan on his wedding. Yeah, now you can also expect such unexpected surprises to happen.

  3. He almost had the role of a Hawaiian Warrior:

    He had the opportunity to play as a Hawaiian Warrior (King Kamehameha). However, later he had to refuse just because he was a Samoan. The director of the movie said that it would have too risky to bring Dwayne to Hawaii for the role. As his nationality was considered to be the fierce enemy of the Hawaiians.

  4. He could have been Johnny Bravo:

    Everybody like the cartoon character Johnny Bravo. We used to watch the show for hours in our childhood. But did you know the fact that Dwayne Johnson was offered the role of Johnny Bravo. His physique totally resembles the popular character of Johnny Bravo.

  5. His early WWF/E days:

    In the early days of his career in WWF, he became famous as Rocky Maivia. The company tried to promote him as a good character. However, they failed miserably in their attempt. In fact, some people often chanted “Die Rocky die”. For this reason, he turned into a villain and got the name “Rock”. Quite a major turn out!

  6. Wrestler family:

    Wrestling is his family business. Dwayne belongs to the Anoa’I family. This Samoan family consists of over 16 professional wrestlers. Wrestling flows through their blood!

  7. He eats a lot:

    Yes, quite literally he does eat a lot. Dwayne consumes an 820 lbs. of food every year. No wonder how his huge body gets the power from.

  8. The Gross beard:

    You must have seen his popular movie Hercules (2014) if you are his fan. Did you know the fact that the beard in the movie was made out of Yak’s testicle hair? I don’t know what you will call this madness or dedication to the work.

  9. He announced the death of Osama Bin Laden:

    We all know that Osama Bin Laden died on 2011 at Pakistan. But did you know the fact that Dwayne Johnson was the first to announce his death through Twitter. Quite active and responsive!

  10. He made fun of John Cena:

    Presently, John Cena is the face of WWE. The Rock often had feud with John Cena in the ring. In fact, Dwayne even mocked John Cena by calling him a “Fruity Pebble” in the ring.

  11. He has a criminal record:

    Okay, that might sound little shocking. But Dwayne Johnson has been arrested nine times after being accused of theft.

  12. Dwayne Johnson is good American football player:

    In fact, he even won a NCAA football championship against the University of Miami in 1991.

  13. He could have voiced acted in Avatar:

    The Last Air bender tried to acquire the voice of Rock. However, they were unable after his refusal.

  14. Dwayne Johnson acted on Star Trek:

    He was the voyager or an alien who fought against the seven in Tsunkatse.

  15. He was the dietician of Huge Jackman:

    Wolverine series has been the benchmark of Hugh Jackman. His physique has been the eye catchy element from the movie. To attain that physique, he had personally consulted Dwayne Johnson for diet recommendation. The role of Wolverine was tough and he need to bulk up to look ideal for the character. Dwayne just suggested him to eat a lot of chicken!

  16. The Fast Five:

    The Role of Luke Hobbs was brilliantly played him Dwayne Johnson. However, the director had decided to cast Tommy Lee Jones in the first place. Later, he saw some comment on his Facebook page that it would have been cool to see him act with Dwayne Johnson. For this reason, the production team decided to cast Dwayne instead. See! Fans opinion matters a lot. At least in the age of digitalization.

  17. He even played the Role of his father:

    Dwayne Johnson definitely looks similar to his father. But did you know that he in fact played the role of his father in some 70s popular show.

  18. His heredity:

    Dwayne’s father was a decedent of Loyalist African American. They had migrated from Africa after the revolutionary war.

  19. Candy Ass:

    You often heard him saying the phrase “candy ass” in the ring. It his football coach from Mississippi who taught him the phrase.

  20. He was poor:

    During his CFL days he used to live in a small apartment. In fact, he had to share it with 4 roommates. They slept on poor damaged mattresses which were discarded by the hotels.

  21. Dwayne sponsored a documentary:

    He sponsored the tuition fees of Muthana Mohmed, an film student. This was for the famous MTV documentary film True life: I’m living in Iraq. However, the Rock only wanted to see Muthana in another documentary, “Operation Filmmaker”.

  22. The Story behind the Moana:

    He became the famous character of the Disney film. As he resembled the similar physical characteristics of the character.

  23. He knocked out Michael Clarke Duncan:

    In the sets of The Scorpion King he knocked out Michael Clarke Duncan in the fight scene. For this reason, he ordered a custom build Rolex as an apology to his co-star. However, instead of gifting it he kept it to himself cause he liked it so much.

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