Interesting facts about Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is often regarded as the king of pop. In fact, he is one of the most popular entertainers in the world. He became the bestselling music of time. Michael has contributed immensely in music, dance, fashion. He even redefined global popular culture for more than four decades. His music videos are often held responsible for breaking the racial barriers. We can even say that his music video made MTV grow its fame in the world. Furthermore, Michael is also famous for his philanthropy efforts. He always raised funds for the charities in the entertainment industry. So without further a due let’s unfold some interesting facts about Michael Jackson.

Interesting facts about Michael Jackson:

  1. Most awarded artist of All Time:

    Michael Jackson is the most awarded artist of all time. Over the years of his success he has managed to win more awards than any other music artist. Michael Jackson has even received 23 Guinness World Records. Furthermore, he has won 40 Billboard Awards, 26 American Music Awards along with 13 Grammys.

  2. The first music video by a black artist:

    Billie Jean was the first ever music video by a black artist to be showcased on the MTV. The song “Billie Jean” was the second single from the famous album “Thriller”. As a matter of fact, it was Michael’s sixth solo album.

  3. Highest earning deceased artist:

    Michael Jackson is the highest earning deceased artist. Even the Guinness Book of World Records acknowledge him for this fact. After his death in 2009, it was estimated that he was worth almost 1 billion USD.

  4. His child appearance:

    Michael Jackson gave his voice in the “Jackson 5”. During those days his voice sounded like “Minnie Mouse”.

  5. His signature dance moves:

    The iconic Moonwalk by Michael Jackson is considered to be his signature dance move.

  6. His famous godchildren:

    Lionel Ritchie’s daughter Nicole is his godchildren.

  7. His first public performance:

    Michael Jackson performed in front of the audience at a tender age of 5. He sang ‘Climb Every Mountain’.

  8. The bestselling album of all time:

    Michael Jackson’s Thriller is the bestselling album of all time. As a matter of fact, it sold more than 42 million copies worldwide.

  9. Longest reign on Billboards:

    Michael Jackson’s album Thriller spend almost 122 weeks on the Billboards top 200.

  10. The popular video of Thriller:

    You must have seen the popular video of the album ‘Thriller’. Undoubtedly its quite scary for its time. But did you know the fact that it was narrated by Vincent Price.

  11. The costumes in the video:

    The video of the Thriller consists of several vivid ghosts and monsters. Their appearance is really distinctive for their time. All of the costumes in the video came from the Salvation Army.

  12. Thriller video was set to be destroyed:

    Yes, you read that right. In fact, Michael Jackson himself wanted the video to be destroyed when he found out that the Jehovah’s Witnesses heard he was doing a video about a werewolf. However, later Michael agreed to showcase the video after a disclaimer was added to the video.

  13. The girl in the thriller video:

    You must have seen the cute girl the official video of the Thriller. Her name is Ola Ray and she was a Playboy Playmate during those days.

  14. His 19th Studio Album:

    ‘Thriller’ was Michael’s 19th studio album.

  15. The Lego version:

    Yeah, you read that right. There’s a cute Lego version of the popular Thriller video. Go and check it out on YouTube.

  16. Homage to Michael:

    Recently, Britney Spears paid homage to the kind of pop in a music video’s monologue.

  17. Michael’s favorite food:

    Mexican food was his all-time favorite. Anyone could make him happy by bringing some burritos and tacos.

  18. His middle name:

    Most of us know him by his name Michael Jackson. But did you know the fact that he also had a middle name? Accordingly, it Michael Joseph Jackson.

  19. Other best-selling records:

    ‘Bad’ and ‘Dangerous’ are two other best-selling records by Michael Jackson.

  20. He was filthy rich:

    Okay, there’s no astonishment to this fact. He had 2,700-acre property, Neverland Ranch. It has a theme park, a movie theater, a menagerie. Quite fascinating isn’t it?

  21. The value of his Ranch:

    It is estimated that it was worth 100 million USD 10 years ago.

  22. He loved children:

    This is perhaps because of his own loss of childhood to the singing career. For this reason, Michael would often wear a black armband as a resemblance to the suffereing children worldwide.

  23. Hollywood Walk of Fame:

    Yes, he has got it. In fact, Michael Jackson has got two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. One for himself and another one for the Jackson 5.

  24. His Grammy wins:

    Michael Jackson won eight Grammy’s in 1984. It was the highest amount ever won by single person in just one year.

  25. The famous video Billie Jean is a real story:

    However, there still may be doubt about this fact. Michael Jackson once said that one of his obsessed fan claimed that he is the father of her child.

  26. Beat it:

    You must have heard the song ‘Beat it’. Did you know that it managed to made it to “white radio” because Eddie Van Halen’s guitar was there on the track.

  27. Free:

    Eddie Van Halen proudly recorded his guitar solo for the song for free.

  28. Jackson’s father abused him:

    Joe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson used to scare him by using monster masks in his childhood. Quite spooky!

  29. His notable acting:

    Michael Jackson played the role of the scarecrow in a The Wiz. It is was another representation of Wizard of Oz.

  30. His favorite character:

    Pinocchio was his favorite character during his childhood.

  31. His fines:

    Once he was accused by a library of owing 1 million Dollars in book fines.

  32. He was fond of pets and animals:

    Michael even had a python named Crusher. In addition to this, he also owned two llamas.

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