Indu Sarkar


Indu Sarkar is a film directed by Madhur Bhandarkar. When I saw the trailer for the film, it didn’t actually do anything to get me invested in this film entirely. I was least interested in watching this film. But when my Mom insisted on watching this, I actually gave in. I was quite surprised by how good the film is.


Chronicles the life of Indu Sarkar during the 1975 emergency era.

Story and direction:

To be very frank, I don’t know anything about the 1975 emergency. I will judge the film purely from a filmmaking perspective. Even the director himself has said, 70% of the film is fictional. The film starts off with who Indu is. That could have been shown in a better way. I blame it mostly on the editing. We get flashbacks and flashforwards which didn’t set the pace for the film. Then as we progress on with the film, we see some good things in this film. I could very easily connect with Indu and her dilemma. We could also see the way the government and the rebel movement were working. It all actually looked quite real to me. If people will start thinking it’s a film on women empowerment just because a woman is in the lead, you are very much wrong. The film has shown the brutality during that time in the aptest way possible. Also, I had a problem with the way the film wrapped up. It looked very rushed. If people will not support films like these, then we still will get shitty films. I didn’t understand the negativity around a film like this. This is a perfect example of creativity being put to a stop because some people have a problem with it. Also, it was quite good of the film going song-less. Songs would have actually diluted the film heavily.


Kirti Kulhari has proved that she is a very fine actress. I was very much impressed with her performance. She also did the stammering with such ease. It didn’t look forced. Tota Roy Chaudhary was also good as the confused husband. Anupam Kher was great in his small role. Neil Nitin Mukesh was OK.

Favorite Scene:

I guess it would be the scene during the court room session where Indu just lashes out at the government for just taking away the freedom of people. That scene actually hit me very hard.


This film is actually not that bad I expected it to be. Madhur Bhandarkar has done a great job. People must support such films otherwise the day is not far when Bollywood will drown.

I am going to go with an 8/10.

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