DON QUIXOTE: The Most Popular Novel of All Time 

It was the time back in January 1605. An aging veteran of Spain’s wars against the Ottoman Empire revealed the strangest book of all time. Not like the bestsellers of the day, even it had not been a medieval romance, a pastoral drama or the fictional confession. Rather, it told the story of a gentleman who intoxicated with reading those sorts       of books, particularly those concerning knights errant and their wizardly adventures. He loses his mind and begins to believe they’re real. We are discussing Miguel de Cervantes’ acclaimed and most famous creation ‘Don Quixote’.  Don Quixote will have a large advantage over the typical alternative and popular books of history; because it’s also the centuries older book.

It is taken into an account that this book is the first modern novel. It follows the adventures of an elderly man named Don Quixano, lives in La Mancha, Spain. As he loses his order and sanity, he reads books concerning chivalry and decides to become a knight. He declares himself Don Quixote de La Mancha and sets out on his obedient horse, Rocinante, along with his loyal assistant, Sancho Panza, to right wrongs and dish out justice. However, nothing goes right from the beginning and he gets into a bunch of screaming adventures.

One of the king theme of Don Quixote is the blurring blending of the lines of rally with fiction both in the real perceived world in which we live and the fictional world in which Don Quixote to live. Here author blends the story of reality and imagery so effectively that after the end of the book readers don’t actually guess the truth. And this is the charm of this book.

The book was an immediate hit once it had been published and it had been reprinted six times in its first year. However author didn’t profit a lot of from it. He died poor in 1616. After his death, the popularity of the novel extensively flourished and the book is still popular today.

To have a thought of what number of copies of Don Quixote has been sold since 1605, a site ascertained the number of editions and number of interpretations of this exemplary books have experienced. By their assessments it was discovered that, Don Quixote has been translated into 25 dialects and there have been 963 versions of it, which appraisals to more than 500 million copies.

In 2002, around a hundred well-known authors from fifty four countries voted ‘Don Quixote’ for the “most important book of all time” in an exceedingly poll organized by editors at the Norwegian Book Clubs in Oslo. In saying the results of history’s most expansive authors’ poll, the Nigerian author Ben Orki mentioned, “If there’s one novel you ought to read before you die, it’s the Don Quixote.”

At the moments of 400th anniversary of first publication of this great book in 2005, 10 top publishers around the world published a new version of this book. One version that was published by the Royal Spanish Academy, sold out their entire stock of 600,000 copies in just two months.

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