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Drawbacks of E-commerce business

In spite of the fact that E-commerce offers numerous points of interest to clients, business, society and country, there are still a few regions of worry that should be tended to. The accompanying are a portion of the restrictions or drawbacks of E-commerce business.

Security matters                                                                  

Many people have reservations regarding the requirement to disclose personal and private information for security concern. Some simply refuse to trust the authenticity of completely impersonal business transactions as in the case of E-commerce.

Time consuming                                                                                                       

Time required for delivering physical product is also significant in E-commerce. Hence it’s not suitable for perishable commodities like food items. A lot of phone calls and E-mails may be required to get your desired product. Returning the product and getting the refund can be troubled some time consuming which compels people to prefer shopping in conventional way.

Website problems                                                                                                                  

The biggest disadvantages of E-commerce is that no one can buy from your store if your site crashes. That’s why it’s important to ensure the performance of your website and platform. Fortunately, a site like Shopify offers you free hosting in their monthly fee allowing to have one of the best servers on the market.


Finding the proper niche is another one of the worst ecommerce disadvantages. The reality is the best niches are often the most competitive that’s why people are fascinated to them. The more competitive a niche is, the more expensive ads for that niche you will get. There are a couple of ways around this. First, you can go after a different audience than your competitors. If all your customers are getting competitors through Facebook ads, you might try ranking organically in search. If all your competitors are using Instagram you might try Pinterest which is also a very visual platform. And secondly, if your ads are expensive, you can send traffic to blog posts and retarget your customers who visit them to create lower cost ads.

Customer can be impatient                                                                                                  

In E-commerce there are disadvantages that most businesses delay responding to customer inquiries. The reality is most customers expect a response from a business within the hour on social media. If you delay in responding to their message, they can become aggravated and shop somewhere else instead. You need to be online 24/7. You can hire customer service representatives who are trained to make your customers happy via platforms.

Technical limitations

Some protocol is not standardized around the world. Certain software used by vendor to show electronic images may not be a common one. It may not be possible to browse through a particular page due to lack of standardized software. Insufficient telecommunication bandwidth may also pose technical problems.

Popularity of physical retail                                                                                                 

Even though one of the benefits of ecommerce is that it’s growing, physical retail still owns most of the market share. In 2014, the retail industry had accumulated over $22 trillion. Yet, ecommerce had only made $1.3 trillion worldwide. Having an online business in the early stages allows you to become a leader in your niche. Yet, most money made is in physical retail stores making it an ecommerce disadvantage.

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