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Common Internet marketing mistakes that you should avoid

In the recent years, Digital Marketing has gained massive popularity. Everyone is trying to link their product to the web. Whether they are manufacturing pipes or salt, every business is now web based. As a matter of fact, Digital Marketing helps the consumers to connect with your product. However, if you are getting the expected result from your Digital Marketing Strategy. Then you might be making a mistake from the list below. Any of these mistakes can harm your marketing campaign instead of boosting it in the first place. Therefore, you must consider avoiding these mistakes. Being productive should be the number one priority instead of spending resources inefficiently.

  • Poor website optimization holds you back from leading in the search results: 

Try to fix website SEO in order to improve your search results ranking. As it is not an astonishing fact that the majority of potential customers will only read the first page of the search results. Therefore, if your website is not present in the first page then the potential customers will never know about your existence. Using an SEO is the perfect way to improve the search results of your website. As a matter of fact, SEO is responsible for adding keywords, links and many articles to your website. In addition to that, it also adds a social media strategy. If you don’t have the knowledge about SEO, then you can hire SEO specialists who can surely assist you in reaching your goals.

  • An incompatible or poorly optimized website for Mobile phones, tablets etc: 

Gone are the days when people use to browse the internet through PCs. As today we got tons of devices to browse the internet. Therefore, you must optimize your website for the mobile users too. In fact, in the recent years, there has been an increase of 80% mobile users according to Global Web Index. Customers are very less likely to visit your website if it’s hard to navigate with their mobile devices. For this reason, redesigning your unresponsive website for mobile users is very important. And proper coding is essential for your website so that it displays the content correctly. Try to make your website friendly with every device.

  • Excessive use of Social Media Sites for promotion: 

If you are beginner then start with three major platforms. You must know that today most of the people spend time browsing through the pages social media. Therefore, it is the best place to target your customers. However, using so many social media sites will only result in a big confusion. And you will require more time and resources to properly manage those pages. Furthermore, you tend to lose potential customers with every weak content and irregularity in your post updates. For this reason, you should minimize your social media marketing plans. Try to choose the most used platform for your marketing.

  • Having a general Email marketing plan: 

Targeting your customers is very crucial. As they are not identical in nature, their needs and interests may vary. You must understand their specific needs to craft your email accordingly. Furthermore, the customers are looking for unique kinds of products and services. Creating a generic advertisement to target everyone would be a wrong decision.Therefore, dividing them can turn highly productive Web Marketing. So you should try to divide your customers into four or five sections based on their needs and habits. Then you can send specifically targeted email newsletters to each group with different deals or discounts. For this reason, you will get better click-through rate. In addition, independent research has found that this strategy might boost the click-thought rate up to 50% than non-targeted emails.

  • Not sure about the best marketing strategy: 

If you are unaware of which strategy is earning you the best result. When it’s time to use analytics to know about your marketing strategies. You can use statistics of your marketing strategy to understand the best possible strategy to boot your sales. For this reason, you can use the free Google analytic tools to analyze the valuable information. You can use them to find out which post is earning the maximum click-throughs. Furthermore, it will also assist you in determining which strategies are not working well with your current customers. Having the knowledge about your marketing policies will help to create the best ones. In addition, you can immediately stop those strategies that aren’t working well.


 If utilized properly, digital marketing can help you boost the sales of your product by a big factor. If you keep focusing on your targeted customer then you will have a better understanding of the market. And it will give you better results than the previous time.

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