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Google Fred, The Update That Comes To End With Low Quality Sites

On March 7, Google released an update of the core of its algorithm. A modification with which the search engine seeks to penalize those portals that have too much publicity and whose only one is monetization, without thinking about its content or the user’s experience on the site.

Google has not confirmed this update officially but has admitted what we already knew, that its algorithm undergoes modifications daily without causing any of them radical changes in its operation.


Despite the words of Google, the same day that was reported on this possible update that the community of Internet users has baptized as Fred , a huge number of websites fell into the SERPs suddenly, losing between 50% and 90% of your total organic traffic. One of the recent example who was hit badly after this update was Alligator Logo Designs site, however they are recovering very well after taking necessary precautions.

This news could alarm any webmaster who gets traffic from Google, however, is not as threatening as it seems at first because, of all the pages penalized by Fred, 95% of them contained an abusive amount of advertising , the distinction between this and the actual content of the site becoming impossible for the user.

On the other hand, it has also been the opposite case, since there have been reports of web portals that have seen their positions improve considerably thanks to Fred , the vast majority of which are not very specialized blogs but mainly focused on content.


Every time the Google algorithm undergoes a major update, the foundations on which the SEO is based are shaken, doubts arise about the systems that are used at that time and in general it is usually entering a state of momentary “crisis”.

It is something that will always happen, we can not avoid being skeptical and dramatic, but we must be able to reassure ourselves and focus on the important things and, above all, on the information circulating on the internet, and in that way we can adapt without any problem to the changes that are coming.

In addition, the new changes that Fred has supposedly introduced  mainly affect web pages focused on the benefits and not the content, and if you are an expert in online marketing that follows the principles that Google stipulates, your main concern will be the users and not advertising, therefore there is nothing to fear.

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