Why school life is the best part of your life?


Ever been into a quarrel with a guy that became your friend later? Well, that’s school life for you where anything can happen. Most of us have been quite fortunate to enjoy the perks of school life. It’s quite funny that in those days we use to think that growing up is be fun while today we only recall the glorious days of our school life. School plays a crucial role in building up of character and level of knowledge. The 12 years of schooling makes us what we are today. Furthermore, it leads us to choose a career and helps to make our own living. So what else is there? Let’s discuss some of the best things about school life.

  1. Better teachers:

    Well, this may differ from school to school. But if we compare it with college then surely school teacher plays the crucial role in shaping our characters. You might say that a teacher in college has got more degrees and knowledge. But a college teacher mainly focuses on the academic performance of the student. While on the other hand school teachers become like a family member who guides you for your misbehavior and moral values. We really get attached to them like a family member. That’s the reason why you remember their names longer than any other teachers.

  2. The stress-free life:

    Okay, some of you might argue with this point. But have you ever thought about earning on your own before 10th standard? Most of us remained carefree about our future and enjoyed the most out of our lives. While in college life you are always bound to think about your upcoming future. You are in constant struggle to make a living on your own. School students always remain cool as if they don’t have anything to worry about. The long growth tree of 12 years also contributes to this fact. As they are not worried about getting a job or admission in a college in upcoming years before 10th

  3. You get real friends:

    College life often includes useless quarrel over some girl or matter. And everyone seems to be absorbed in their own space. As a matter of fact, to play cool most of us try to pretend to be someone else while we are completely different. But in school life, we are less mature thus more open to our classmates. We make more real friends than we do in college life. And those friends remain your loyal companion even after you leave your school. While in college the story is exactly the opposite. The fact that you spend over 12 years in school also contributes to this.

  4. You have played plenty of sports:

    Being athletic is really important in our lives. But after we get in college we tend to become lazy and forget the value of sports. However, in the school days, most of us were athletic and used to play a ton of games whenever we got some spare time. This is the reason why people get obese later in their life. Regular sports activities were a part of our daily entertainment. While today we only play for some bet over money. Really technology has crippled us well. We should immediately change our lifestyles.

  5. You get the chance to meet your soulmate:

    Okay, you might try to prove me wrong by saying that many people find their soulmate in college or workplace. But try to consider the fact that you spend over 12 years in the same place meeting the same people every day. Which gradually increases the chance of getting the soul mate of your life. No one can deny that fact spending more time with your loved one increases the quality of your relationship. And it is also the fact people tend to marry their schoolmate rather than their college mate. The innocence is more evident in the school phase while it gets lost during the College years. Thus people have a better level of trust in their schooling years.

  6. Plenty of fun and leniency:

    This one may also differ from school to school. But you must have had some decent memories about your notorious activities. Like breaking a window while playing a game or snapping the bench into pieces. Teachers always understood that you are just a kid and you haven’t done that intentionally. However, it’s a completely different story in college. Breaking a window can get you rusticated or even fined. The authority in colleges are stricter thus they enforce strict rules against any misconduct. In school, you just needed to wear a uniform and you are free as a bird. You must be recalling some incidents by now!

  7. Academics were easy and fun:

    Most of the students perform better in school than in college. As the syllabus in college seems trickier and hard to comprehend. While in school you can easily keep up with the academics while having fun at the same time. We enjoyed more in doing project work during the school days. While in college projects and assignments just increased the burden of studies. You must be more interested in studies in the CCE era. It made studies more fun and more productive.

  8. The morning prayers:

    This might sound irrelevant to the topic. But you must be missing the regular morning prayer and the national anthem. The primary goal is to develop our character and teach respect about our country. But we always had great fun by singing the prayers in the funny or kicking our friend in front of us silently. Teachers used to scold us for that but we deliberately did it again. College life has no such thing in its curriculum. They just expect you to reach the class on time.

  9. Quarrels were temporary:

    Everyone has fought in their life. But in school, you have many fights with the students. But they got resolved within weeks or months. While in college once someone is your enemy, he remains your enemy no matter what happens next. This is due to the ego factor in us. As we grow up we tend to develop more ego and self-pride in us. But we tend to apologize and forget often in our school days. Which helps us to maintain good relations with everyone.

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