Why communism failed as a political system?

Why communism always failed in every country?

A discussion about a political ideology is not an easy task. And it is even harder to put blame on a system for its failure. In the 20th century, many countries tried to adopt communism. This was started by the Russian revolution in 1917. After which USSR became the largest communist country in the world. But over the years it failed to sustain its strength and ultimately got disintegrated into pieces. Currently, North Korea and Cuba are boasting communist ideology in their country. But we are well aware of their condition in the modern world. So let’s find why communism is a failed ideology.


Problems with communism:

  1. High expenditure on the military:

    This fact is more clear if we consider the history of USSR. They might have been a huge power but they were spending a huge amount of money on military expenses. Instead of spending it on infrastructure they were competing against the west in the arms race. This ultimately led to their fall and disintegration. Presently, North Korea is on the same way. They are spending tons of money to compete with the US. They are now a nuclear power and they threaten the US with their nuclear weapons. However, its citizens live under the shadow of poverty.

  2. Lower living standards:

    Most of the communist nations have a very low living standard. People are often a victim of poverty and hunger. Due to fewer job opportunities, most of the people are unemployed as well. The communist ideology may boast socialism and welfare to its residents. But in the long run, they have failed to ensure the welfare to its citizens.

  3. No scope for innovation:

    The Soviet Union failed because of its economic problems. They were producing everything in their country. And there was no trade from the outside world. Furthermore, everything remained state owned. Thus there were very few inventions in the technological field as well. In most of the communist nations, there is very less scope of trade and business. Similarly, there’s no scope of foreign investment as well.

  4. More international pressure:

    No one like an odd one in their community. Similarly, in this world where most of the nations are capitalist. None of them liked the Soviet Union and its ideologies during its reign. This gets cleared when we came to know that the Soviet Union had no economic partner as well. Despite this Soviet Union was trying hard to maintain the arms race with the west which made other countries furious against them. The Soviet Union face international pressure from the US and from western European countries as well.

  5. No adaptation:

    Communist countries always fail to keep up with time. With the growing world, it is very necessary to keep up with the other countries. This can be done by maintaining political and economic relations with the other countries. But countries like the Soviet Union and North Korea did the exact opposite. However, China is an exception, in this case, they managed to transform their system to become more productive and modern.

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