What is intelligence?


What is Intelligence? How can it be best measured?

INTELLIGENCE, A word which we have been listening to since our childhood. What is the meaning of it? Do we inherit it or acquire it with time? What are the scales to measure it? Is it about the academics or society?

These are the questions which commonlu come to our mind. Some people believe that getting admission into IIT describes one’s intellect. While some believe developing a sense of belongingness to the society is intelligent. But the confusion keeps on revolving among people’s brain about the real intelligence. People did believe that a person is tend to be intelligent only if he is performing good in academics but the misconception has been led down by certain researches and arguments.

If defined in popular sense, Intelligent is the ability to reason and abstract thoughts, The ability to lead a flawless life or the ability to understand and adapt in environment, The ability to comprehend and solve problems, the ability to understand relationships and maintain them, the ability to sustain. According to researchers, Intelligence does not come from one way, it is the blend or mixture of various qualities and abilities such as abstract, precise, creativity, general knowledge and grasping power. It is an umbrella terms which covers the variety of mental ability.

As the truth which lies behind intelligence has been put through various disagreements and controversies. There are various methods to estimate the intelligence. But testing IQ (Intelligence quotient) is the most widely universal method.

Various experiments

The test takes place in a series. It measures various types of ability such as mathematical, verbal, Logical and memory.
Charles Spearsmen put forth In 20th Century the concept of single intelligence. He defined the general intelligence as G which measures various mental ability. Few researches denies supporting this concept as it does not put the light on socio-economic factors such as education. It only deals with simple living and sustainability of a person.

Recently, Scientists have postulated an alternative theory which says multiple intelligence remains important for feasible life. The ability of an individual to perform various tasks accordingly is done through multiple intelligence. For an instance, an emotionally weak person but academically strong ought not to be put in the higher scale of Intellects. Because one has to pursue multiple ability to lead a life.

According to Psychologist, Robert Stenberg, There are three fundamental aspects to intelligence: Analytical, Practical and Creative. These three decides on your intelligence and to be precise way to lead a life. Emotional Intelligence is most widely and common intelligence aspect. It makes you understand your feelings and emotions and work accordingly with your family and friends. Emotional intelligence is utmost important to lead a peaceful and fuss free life.


The word intelligence has come from a Latin verb, intellegere which means to understand. Intelligence is nothing but to understand your ambience and to react accordingly. Mostly, people compare Smart with intelligent but both have different meanings and works. Smart is Clever and intelligence is to Understand. So, Keep understanding and keep living a peaceful life.


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