Unknown facts about AK 47

From large militaries to freedom fighters. The AK 47 has the iconic presence all over the world. In fact, it is very close to becoming the synonym for assault rifles. It’s reliability and robust nature has made it the favorite among militaries and rebellions. The gas operated rifle was invented in Soviet Russia by Mikhail Kalashnikov. The work on the design was started after the Second World War. And the Soviet Army immediately issued as a standard rifle in their military. After seven decades the rifle is still present in the Russian army with various variants. Presently, the gun is manufactured in many countries. Sadly, the gun is also widely used by terror forces.

Some unknown facts about the AK 47:

  • Water proof:

    The rifle is completely waterproof. As a matter of fact, you can submerge it under water and then fire straight away. This increases its reliability in aquatic regions.

  • Widely produced and copied:

    The simple design of the rifle makes it easy to copy. Most countries are manufacturing it without any license. This makes AK 47, the most copied gun in the world.

  • Mikhail Kalashnikov never profited:

    The AK 47 was invented in Soviet Russia. During those days Russia used to be a communist country. Therefore, everything from a pin to cars, everything was a property of the state. And there was no concept of a patent as well. For this reason, the inventor never got any royalty for his brilliant invention.

  • The unbeatable reliability:

    You can disassemble the gun in just one minute. And the gun can be cleaned under any climatic condition. Experts say that the gun will work fine even if you don’t clean it properly.

  • Minimalist design:

    The gun has only eight moving parts which make it easy to use manufacturer. In addition, beginners could easily learn to operate the gun in just one hour.

  • Different cost over the world:

    You can buy the rifle from £6(Afghanistan) to £3,000 in India.

  • The largest produced gun:

    The AK 47 holds the Guinness Book record for the most common weapon in the world. Presently, there about 100 million units all over the world. This further concludes to the fact that one in every 60 inhabitants in the world has got one unit.

  • Still in active service:

    Even after 7 decades over 106 countries are using the rifle as their standard weapon in their military. Experts are saying that it is unlikely that this legacy will change in the coming future.

  • Symbol of power:

    Many countries and rebel groups use the rifle as a logo in their flag or uniforms. The AK 47 is present in the flag of Mozambique. And it also got its presence in the coat of arms of African nation Zimbabwe. Some rebellion and terror groups have also used the gun as a logo in their flag.

  • The name has its legacy:

    Many African nations have seen civil wars and major outbreaks. In which, the AK 47 played the major role. As a result, the newborns in some African nations are given the name Kalash in the honor of iconic rifle.

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