Top 10 most controversial godmen in India


Religion is one of the most important aspects of human life. Without the moral support of religion, a man cannot withstand with the cruel world. As a matter of fact, religion is the only hope towards a peaceful life. However, some people are just taking the advantage of innocent sentiments of religious people. They are trying to proclaim themselves as the disciple of some god or some saint. Furthermore, they even claim to have superpowers like God.

As a result, they have over million followers (real followers not on twitter). People often donate a ton of money to their trust to resolve their personal problems. This has made the godmen filthy rich. Presently, most of them can be seen owning a Rolls Royce or wearing high-end luxury clothing. Over the past couple of years, this problem has further increased. As they are gaining more fame from the public. our country had various laws against superstitions but most of them fail in front of these godmen and their followers. Let us know about the top 10 controversial godmen in India.

  • Radhe Maa: 

The top spot of our list is owned by the famous god women, Radhe Maa. She claims to have superpowers. But many people have reported her after watching several pictures of red in mini skirts staining religious sanctity. Furthermore, she has been accused of hurting religious sentiments and fraud as well.

  • Sarathi Baba: 

At the second spot, Sarathi Baba from Odisha has been the center of controversy. People have accused of having illegal relationships with a woman. However, that woman claims to be his wife. But Odisha’s police department has arrested him multiple times for forgery and cheating with the public. Experts say that he has managed to set up an empire worth 300 crores. Which is a pretty big amount.

  • Asaram Bapu: 

Our list was really incomplete without the mention of Asaram Bapu. He is undoubted of the most popular godmen in India. Over millions of people have faith in his teachings. But he has been accused of the death of two boys from his Gurukul. In addition to that, the godmen remains accused of rape and molestation. Even his son is following the same path. Thankfully, they are both in prison now.

  • Sant Rampal: 

Founder of the Satlok Ashram. Sant Rampal is known to promote his own beliefs about idols and untouchability, adultery etc. He got arrested for a murder. And he faces the charges of sedition because of his misleading teachings among the people.

  • Gurmeet Ram Rahim: 

Also the actor in the movie series MSG. Guru Ram Rahim has been accused of rape charges. However, people also relate the murder of Ranjit Singh with him. His movies and songs have managed to make millions of followers.

  • Ichchadhari Sant: 

He claims himself to be the only disciple of famous Sai Baba. In 1997 he was arrested for running a prostitution racket. But after the release from jail, he somehow managed to get into godman business. And interestingly people always tend to believe in his lies and deceit. As a result, he has also made an empire worth crores. To show some charity work he also constructed a 200-bed hospital in Chitrakoot.

  • Chandraswami: 

He bravely claims himself to be a psychic and a superhuman. And believes to be an astrologer and a faith healer. He spends most of his early life in meditation. Presently, he is a staunch believer of Jainism and follows Maa Kali. Many experts accuse him in the involvement in Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. He is also accused of cheating and playing with religious sentiments.

  • Swami Nityananda: 

Living in Tamil Nadu, Swami has over millions of followers in the region. He is known for a sex scandal with an actress.

  • Swami Premananda: 

He tries to maintain his resemblance with Sathya Sai Baba. And his popularity grew in 1989. Presently, his ashrams are sprawled in over 15 countries. People praise him for his so-called superpowers. In reality, he just plays with science to create some optical illusions. Swami Premananda has been accused of raping 13 girls and genocide of one Sri-Lankan. He was imprisoned in 1994 for these acts. The court served him two consecutive life sentences for his heinous crimes. On 21 February he died of illness.

  • Swami Gnyanachaitanya: 

He spent 14 years in jail for committing three murders. However, despite the serious crimes, people still worship him like their god. He is also known for doing Voodoo and magic upon people. Which makes people’s faith even stronger. Furthermore, he had an illegal relationship with a foreigner lady, Amanda. Who accuses him of sexually abusing, mentally and physically torturing her.


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