The major superstitions in India

India is a land of religion. And it is an astonishing fact that people are living in harmony even after having so many religions in the country. Their faith remains intact as they celebrate the major festivals with joy and pleasure. Furthermore, India is also a pilgrimage center for the Hindu followers around the world. However, the country also faces some serious superstitions under the blanket of faith. Some might have a logical explanation but with the modern times, most of them are totally ridiculous. Note that we don’t want to harm any faith so keep calm and take a look at the list.

Superstitions in India:

  • You will bring bad luck if you cut nails and hair on Saturday:

    Hindus often believe that it will anger planet Saturn (Shani). I don’t think that there’s any logical explanation to this ritual on today’s date. But our ancestors must have thought something while creating this ritual. All things aside, having your hair and nails trimmed will surely make you look neater.

  • Don’t cross the road if a black cat crosses your path:

    This is very common superstition even today. People literally stop their vehicles and wait for someone else to cross the path first. As a matter of fact, people believe that crossing the road can bring bad luck or delay to your work. This ritual is said to be originated from Egypt. As the Egyptian folks believed that black cats are pure evil and they stayed away from them. However, if a black cat crosses your path on the day of your exam. Will your exam get postponed or delayed?

  • No 13th floor on buildings:

    The number 13 is often considered to be very unlucky. According to ancient Christianity, the number represents the devil. Therefore, many buildings and hotels skip the thirteenth floor from their structure.

  • The unlucky 8:

    Just like the concept of 13, the 8 is said to be ruled by Saturn (Shani). People believe that Saturn is the most ferocious planet in our solar system. It can change our destiny and luck in a matter of seconds. The number 8 comes under the rule of Saturn, which gives the planet full control over the number.

  • You won’t have bad dreams if you put onion and knives under your bed:

    Well, there can be a logical explanation for this belief. As onion has a strong odor which can manipulate your mind and keep you away from dreams. However, people even think that by practicing this belief you can dream about your future partner. This sounds totally ridiculous. Surely, the single folks could try this trick to get to know about their future lover. But I still don’t get the use of putting a knife under my bed to avoid bad dreams. Furthermore, I think that it could seriously hurt someone as we tend to move while we are asleep.

  • Don’t shake your legs you will lose your money:

    In modern day psychology shaking of any body is considered to be a sign of nervousness. But people believe that doing so can even take away all your wealth no matter how rich you are. I just wonder why I’m so broke in the end of the month.

  • Don’t sweep the floor in the evening, Goddess Laxmi will leave your home:

    I can say that in today’s date this practice may sound a superstition. But in the old days, this had a logical reason behind its practice. In the early days, only a few homes had the facility of electricity. Thus, sweeping in the eve was a task in darkness. And while sweeping in the darkness you could easily lose value item kept or dropped on the floor. Our ancestors were very clever while creating this ritual. As they associated this with goddess Laxmi so every remembers it even today. However, with the widespread of electricity, this ritual has become obsolete.

  • Three Tighada Kaam Bighada (A trio will destroy the work):

    This is very common saying in India. As people usually believe that a partnership between three people is always a risky affair. There’s a logical explanation to this saying. As one might conspire with another against the third partner of the trio. But you have trust at least in this world to make things work. But people continue to misinterpret 3 as unlucky.

  • The twitching of eye:

    You must have seen the scene in a Bollywood movie where an actor says that someone must be remembering him as his right eye is twitching. Today also people of India consider twitching of the right eye good for men. And similarly, the twitching of the left eye will bring pleasant news for women.

  • The shit of a crow will bring good luck:

    We are already we acknowledged that India is fascinated with Cow’s urine and Cow’s shit as well. But India hasn’t even spared the crow. As a matter of fact, many Hindus believe that crow’s shit means incoming money. I just wonder why people don’t have crows as their pet.

  • People add a one-rupee coin to the gift envelope:

    Okay, this doesn’t matter a lot as one rupee isn’t a big amount. But still, I had to mention this as I was making this list. Whether it is a marriage function or birthday people always buy those envelopes with one rupee coins. According to popular beliefs, people consider the number ‘1’ to be lucky. It further increases the value of the amount offered.

  • If you have flat feet then you’ll bring bad luck:

    People often connect flat feet to widowhood. They think that a woman will likely to become the cause of the death of their husband. That’s why in the middle ages during the match-making process people used to check the feet of the bride. Quite dodgy isn’t it?

  • Put a small dot on the forehead of a baby to avoid ‘Buri Nazar’:

    I don’t think that this has any proper explanation in today’s date. But people still tend to believe that putting a small of a dot of Kajal on the forehead of a baby drive away all the bad spirits and negative energy. And we call ourselves a developing country and a nuclear power!

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