The importance of morning walk in our life


Early to bed and early to rise’ makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. It is said ‘an early bird catches a lark’. Early in the morning, the atmosphere is calm and quiet. Serenity (calmness) reigns everywhere. There is no din and noise. And There is no dirt and dust. There are no traffic hold-ups. The roads are lonely. The hooting of the factories is nowhere to disturb. The smokeless atmosphere is quite a fir for an early morning walk.

Why is it so important?

There are a few morning walkers who are lucky enough as to sip the nectar of the dawn. People go the nearby parks or gardens. The birds chirp there. The Koel sings a happy note. It attracts every heart. Many do a lot of exercises. A few skid and jog. Many others inhale and exhale. They take long breaths to cleanse the impurity of the lungs. The beautiful flowers and plants captive our hearts and minds. The dewdrops sparkle in the rays of the rising sun. Walking on them with bare feet cool the fatigued nerves. They prove soothing. They are extremely useful to eyes. The medical science says that dew drops are amply beneficial to the ailments of the eyes. A smiling blossom welcomes you. You get a new lease of life.

A morning walk by the riverside is also highly useful. There the people have long walks on either bank of the river. Most of the old people stroll there for hours. They get the joy of their life. People bathe and swim in the river. Swimming is a very good exercise. It is also a part of the morning walk. Some do sunbathe. It is said early rays of the sun give luster to the body. They strengthen the sinews (muscles). They turn your body structure into a rod of steel.


An early riser finishes his morning work at once. He is to great advantage. As a matter of fact, he remains smart and alert the whole day and never falls ill. It is all due to regular morning walk. Its uses are too many but only a few lucky reap this golden harvest.

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