The importance of discipline in a student


Students and discipline are two words but their relationship is very deep. They are the two sides of the same coin. A student is meaningless if he does not adhere to discipline. He is not a student in the real sense if he shuns a disciplined way of life. The very axis of his daily life is discipline.

Student and discipline:

The students are the true asset of a nation. They are to guide the destiny of the country. If the students are not active, up and doing, they will of little good to the interest of a country. A student must be sincere, hardworking, honest and diligent. He must not shirk work. He should inculcate the habit of studying very seriously.

A disciplined student gets up early and finishes his daily work quickly. He goes to school in time and attends to his studies properly. And he is not given to mischief as he does not indulge in gossips or rumors. He minds his own business and never quarrels. Furthermore, he is extremely well-behaved. He never speaks ill of others and he holds the teachers in high esteem. In fact, he never backs bites. He is a true friend of the poor and the needy. A student is never boastful and he does not brag and talk tall. He is extremely obedient, soft spoken. Lastly, he is not obstinate, rude and vulgar in his behavior.

Discipline is the very pivot around which a student revolves. Without proper decency and decorum, he is as bad as an illiterate. He has no relations with fine things of life. He is bereft of good manners. It very much depends upon the total environment of the school. If the principal is ideal if the teachers are painstaking and selfless. Both the head of the school and his colleagues are serious about the students under their charge, then there is no doubt that the students of this model school are exemplary students. They are fully conscious of the general tone of their institution.


It is entirely in the hands of the parents, teachers and the society to shape their children in the manner they like. Discipline is a constant training, practicing it time and again. ‘Students’ age is the best period to imbibe it in letter and spirit.

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