The dowry system: A barbaric practice


Dowry is a blot on the fair name of Indian society. We accept a heavy dowry. It includes cash, gold, T.V V.C.R. and costly furniture. Sometimes a Maruti Van is also demanded, Whether the bride’s father is in a position or not, the dowry seeker is least concerned. The Groom burns the burns the bride. He beats her blue and black. He harasses her in a number of ways. His persecution of her is terrible. It may even terrorize the man of guts.

A problem in India:

Now the question is if the bride herself is not a sufficient dowry. Her face is moon-like. She is well-educated. She is healthy and hails from a very good family. Finally, She is a beautiful pair to her husband. She is best in every respect. Then what more a greedy dowry hunter wants in her. He does not rest until he takes the life out of her. And he exploits the girl in every way. In fact, he has no compassion or kindness for his beloved, for the dreams girl of his life. He is hard and cruel on her. He is callous to the mother of his children. What a great shame, the youth has gone too low. He has fallen from his superior place.

These days we hear a lot of bride burning. It is very much astonishing that neither the mother of the boy nor his sister ever burns. It is the poor bride whom the fire consumes. The innocent soul gets the torture of her life. The Government sleeps. It does not take a stern action against those who indulge in this wantonness. The law is also very lenient with the cruel bride burners. It demands evidence. Now, who will depose against the in-laws and in favor of the girl whose body is badly charred? Only God can avenge her death. The society still talks tall. But in reality, it is not impartial towards the fair sex. Let us resists and say with one voice “Excuse dowry seekers”.

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