The 21st century fashion statement


Fashion is as old as the word itself. The first man on earth dressed himself and his consort with beautiful articles of stone, shell, and bones. He covered his person with leaves and branches of the trees or even with the skin of the wild animals. Then he learned the art of stitching, draping, and sewing. He worse very simplest dress. Loose clothes both of cotton and wool were his liking. He believed in everything simple and unshowy. His main aim was to cover his body.

The changing trends:

With the advancement in the art of spinning, weaving, and sewing all sorts of clothes—silken woolen and cotton, there has been a sea-change. Now we are able to weave superfine cloth of different qualities, patterns, and designs. Things have changed in the recent year the age of coarse and simple cotton cloth is out of place.

The 21st century is an era of transformation in fashion. As a result, you can find all types of fabrics are flooded in the market. The cloth-shops and showrooms are always overcrowded. To see the heavy rush on fabric Emporia one gets an impression that we Indians are least poor. We are the citizens of a very rich and fabulous country. New clothes of all cuts, fashions, colors are available plentifully. Fancy dresses are the order of the day.  Presently, clothes are made from all sorts of fabrics ranging from silk, crepe, rayon, and nylon. And they are much in demand. Tight and sleeveless dresses are in vogue. Furthermore, today the boys are adapting girl’s dresses and the girls are majestically adapting men’s attire. What a drastic change it is!

What’s next?

Our changing fashion is the gifts of our stars of movie land. They copy this fashion from the west. They are extraordinarily cute and smart. In a Bollywood song, both the hero and the heroine transform their attire with every line of the song. What a great waste of clothes! The fashionable celebrities of the upper class of society exhibit their dresses in many fashion shows. Most of us, both boys and girls- steal their manners of putting on gaudy clothing. Fashion change with time. The modern age is highly fashionable age. We wear neat and tidy clothes. Outmoded and outdate clothes are discarded outright. We are highly clothes-conscious. Today, people are so fashion conscious that they might skip their meal but they cannot wear shabby clothes.

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