Terrorism and India


Terrorism is derived from the word ‘Terror’. The meaning of terror is ‘extreme fear’. Those persons who make the atmosphere of extreme fear among masses are called terrorists. They prevail terror in society by doing evil works. These works of their is called terrorism. Their aim is to yield terror among people. They kill those persons and officials who oppose their evil deeds. After killing them they slip away far from this site so that in future nobody will oppose them. They keep bombs in public places to harm the public properties and to produce extreme fear in public.

Today terrorism in India:

At this time in India, terrorism has prevailed in different parts of the country. Indian people are very brave, proudly, honest and true patriots. In the past, there was no terrorism in India. Terrorism was born in a first time in Europe during First World War. Since then many revolutions were depended on terrorism in Western countries.

India believes in non-violence. Our many revolutions were based on non-violence. As a matter of fact, our struggle for independence was totally non-violent. After independence terrorism approached in India slowly. In the beginning, some Naxalites groups prevailed terror in Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar. Now their performance is limited in only M.P and A.P. Some extremist groups have been doing work of terror in Eastern states for the last ten years. Some extremists began to spread terror in Punjab, Kashmir, and Assam. These three states are burning by terrorist’s activities. And terrorists in these states plant the bombs in public places, loot the banks, kill the people and kidnap the dignitaries. Our government is tracking the terrorist activities but the consequence is far now. Though recently, in Punjab, terrorism has stopped. But terrorism is still prevailing in the states of Kashmir and Assam.


Really terrorism is the main problem of our country at this time. We can resolve it by peaceful means. If a terrorist does not negotiate we should go into the root of terrorism and destroy them. All the Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and others are the sons of Bharat Mata. Therefore, it is our responsibility to face the problem of terrorism. It is the duty of all communities to remove and destroy terrorism from the country because India is a land of all communities.

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