Science and us


Science has touched the very life of the man. No area of our life is unaffected by science’s influence. Science has come to stay. We cannot ignore it. It has made its presence felt powerful. Everywhere we meet the miracles of science.

Science made our life easy!

Science has changed our life completely. We cannot think of our life without it. It has modernized everything whether it is home or office or school or hospital, science is there with its endless gifts. It is always in the service of man. A doctor can now operate with apparatus given by science. He can do bloodless surgery. He can feel the pulse rate with the help of a pulse rate monitor. X-ray and cat scanning can detect the diseases of the inner body and the brain. Science has made our life full of comforts. Luxuries are not now very costly. They have been in abundance with the help of science.

Every sphere of man’s life is influenced by science. Man cannot escape its indelible imprint. The scooter he rides, the car he drives, the aero plane he pilots are all blessings of science. The cooking range and other household gadgets are the gifts of science to man. Television and computers have given us untold pleasure. Our means of amusement have a sea change because of these innovations. Audio Visuals cassettes have brought the music, songs, dances and life-like pictures at our door step. We just touch a button; the choicest music begins to play. We start humming and dancing. Our very body is transformed into another world.


Science has been a great boon to the man. The paper he reads, the book he enjoys, the exercise book he writes on, all are again valuable presents from science. The journey is now very comfortable. The distance is not a problem. You board a train or a bus and the destination is quick and near. What a great transformation! Our life is worth living because of endless blessings of science. Today man is happy because of it.

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