Procrastination: A problem with the Youth

You must have heard the famous saying “Kal Kare Aj kar, Aj Kare toh Abhi” (Do tomorrow’s work today and today’s work now). But in real life, things are usually the opposite. We always try to delay and procrastinate our work. We are so lazy that we don’t even bother to do the same thing again. The youth is the biggest example of this problem. They often pile up their assignments or projects for the last submission date. This leads them to face massive stress while they try to cover them in the last dates. Furthermore, they even blame the education system for so many projects. But they don’t realize that the system has already assigned the projects according to the regular schedule. If one student tries to complete them on time, then they won’t face the stress that they face during the last days.

The problem lies within us:

Today, the youth even tries to procrastinate their preparation for exams. As a matter of fact, most of them try to prepare the entire course in the last month before the exam. Then they face a huge level of stress and work load. And under this workload, they are never able to complete the entire syllabus properly. However, some of them may score well by following this method. But all of them face extreme levels of stress that could easily lead to some mental problems. In the recent years, this habit of procrastination has increased rapidly. Now people are more dependent on modern technologies that they don’t bother to do the real deal. For example, dictionaries were made to explain word meanings. But today most of the people don’t know how to use an actual dictionary. Moreover, the laziness is at its height when people just guess the meaning of the word instead of searching it even in virtual dictionaries.

To-do list was meant to organize our work load. But today most of the people just pile tons of work and just forget the list. Furthermore, if you got an idea about something just try to write it down or implement it immediately. Otherwise, that idea could get lost in the waves of time. Having an actual notepad is the first thing you should do. However, most of the people waste their time while planning things. Try to plan things when you are completely free. Like; you can write your plans while you are traveling somewhere. Good ideas don’t come often, so keep yourself ready to register them somewhere. The problem of procrastination distracts us from success.


Most of us already think that our work or certain task won’t lead to any success. Which keeps us from doing that task. But in reality, you should note that success can only be achieved if you invest time and hard work into something. Having a positive attitude towards life is the first thing to own. Secondly, keeping our organized is really helpful to our life. You won’t waste any time looking for goals and resources.

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