Pollution: A serious modern issue

These days the pollution is the greatest menace to mankind. Our surroundings are unclean and dirty. Our environment is in the constant grip of filth, squalor, and garbage. The problem of increasing population is fully responsible for this worsening state of affairs.

Pollution has crippled our environment:

Our streets and roads are a virtual hell. There are heaps and heaps of filth lying everywhere. Our city fathers remain in blissful ignorance. They do not make frequent and personal visits to their localities. They are just worried about their own houses. There the Corporation sweeper sweeps and the whole matter ends there.

Again the D.T.C (Delhi Transport Corporation) sleeps blissfully. It remains in self-complacency. Its buses are the greatest cause of pollution. These buses emit tons of soot and smoke, thereby polluting the atmosphere. It becomes suffocating in the mornings and in the evenings. Your throats are choked with this endless poisonous smoke. Your eyes issue plentiful of bitter water. These buses immediately deserve the right place and that is junk shop. They are not fir and road able. Their word worthiness is extremely low and poor.

Pollution and Delhi:

In a big city, industrial growth at a terrific speed is another potential cause of pollution, too much mushrooming of industries, factories and workshops pollute the atmosphere. The density of oxygen goes down abruptly. It becomes extremely difficult to breathe fresh air. Here in Delhi, you can have everything except fresh air. It has become too rare. A few gardens and parks miserably fail to solve the problem of pollution menace. The hooters bellow smoke and soot day-in and day-out. They cause the worst type of pollution. At least our city planners plan for our industries sufficiently beyond the populous areas. The smoke-issuing chimneys do not disrupt beyond the popular areas. The smoke-issuing chimneys do not disrupt and clog our normal life. Invade this menace of pollution at the earliest.

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