Luck: Exists or not?

Luck in our life:

But Science tells us that there is no such thing as luck or chance in our lives. Law of cause and effect shows us that every happening has a cause. Not a wind blows, not a flower opens, not a creature takes birth, not a leaf falls without a cause/reason. But we are still using the word chance to describe the happenings around us, the reason of which we do not know.  When such apparently happenings are favorable to someone, we generally say they are lucky; when unfavorable, we call them unlucky.  So luck has two aspects, one has a positive effect while another adds an “un” to the spelling making it negative.

Can we predict our luck?

Now we know that all gambling games are games of chance. As they are not decided by skill, but simply by the happening of something we cannot control, like the fall of a coin. There are two sides of a coin “Heads” and “Tails” so the chances are equally distributed into 50-50 percent. While throwing a dice creates fewer chances of achieving a particular digit cause your chances are distributed into six segments.  So the point is that different situations have different possibilities to make an event happen. So there is luck? Isn’t it? But what’s the solution to good luck or bad luck?

There’s a famous quote “What will happen will happen”. But that doesn’t mean you’ll just wait for your fate to come. Remember that the word “will” represents future but you are from the present. The Past is also gone so you only have present to control. Now, what comes next?  Ignorance is the mother of superstition. When people don’t know the reason why a thing happens in a certain way, they often regard it as good or bad luck. People associated with these are said to be lucky or unlucky. They even believe that inanimate things can bring them good or bad luck. Which takes them to another level. They wear charms to keep away misfortune. Nazar battu, Hanuman nazar raksha kavaz etc.

What should we do?

The thing is even if luck exists in this world. We humans have to be strong enough to face it with courage and with our wit. We can’t just wait for a miracle of good luck which will bring us a fortune. The wisest will try to earn it by hard work, which is above everything leaving nothing to chance. Most of the people who are called “lucky” have good fortune because they work for it. Now comes the people who were born with a gold spoon. Yes, you may call it a matter of luck but remember no matter how hard born with gold works people will never call him/her a self-made man or woman. See the brighter side, not the darker one.

I once read a book and found this beautiful line:

“Luck was always the slave, not the master. If you don’t praise the Lord for good things, then don’t blame him for the bad things in your life. Have some pride take it all to yourself.”

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