Interesting facts you must know about the Chinese New Year


These are some facts about The Chinese New Year should probably give you informations about this event. The Chinese New Year is identified by the first day of the Chinese Calendar, it is same as the other new year on the world. It is an important traditional holiday so that the chinese tribe who spread all around the world celebrate it at the same time and some culture. So here are the following facts about the Chinese New Year that you want need to know.

Facts about The Chinese New Year 1 : Chinese New Year’s Eve

The celebrated of the Chinese New Year runs from the last day on the last month on Chinese Calendar until to the 15th day on the new year. At the 15th of the new month there is the Lantern Festival as the pole of celebration.

Facts about The Chinese New Year 2 : Reds

As much people know, Chinese identic as the color red. When the Chinese New Year festival is held, there are much of attribut which have red color. So that they believed on the red they will have some lucks on their life.

Facts about The Chinese New Year 3 : Red Paper Envelopes

It was the culture of Chinese which populer on all of the world. As their celebration of thei new year, they also give money on a red paper envelopes on some people especially on childrens. It all done because of they still want to have a luck by giving their own money to others and make the others happy.

Facts about The Chinese New Year 4 : Activities

The Chinese New Year is the occasion for Chinese Family to have a reunion dinner on the night. Meanwhile, cleanse the house until it really clean which by goal to sweep away the bad luck. Then the houses will decorated by the red color pupercut which written “good fortune” or “happiness”.

Facts about The Chinese New Year 5 : The Zodiac and Stem-Branch

The Chinese New Year started on 1912 then reflected until 2101. The symbol of the year is use on animals and its Stem-Branch. The animals cycle are 12 year cycle and 10 year cycle of the heavenly stem. The two symbol have connected on five elements of Chinese Astrology, such as wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Those divided on yin and yang which rotated in every two years. The rule combined cycle which repeat in 60 years, such as Yang Fire Rat occured in 1936 and repeat in 1996.

Facts about The Chinese New Year 6 : History

The Chinese New Year first held to protect the food, eat livestock and children so that the beast called Nian don’t eat them. Then Chinese tribe put some of foods in front of their door so that Nian eats them.

Facts about The Chinese New Year 7 : Public Holiday

The Chinese New Year become the public holiday especially in Tiongkok (China) and other which Chinese are stayed. Its important to celebrate so that other activites must be leave.

Facts about The Chinese New Year 8 : Festival Length

The festival held on 15 days. Some of traditional festival are completely held. Such a pray on their life later also for the people who have died. And the important festival which means a pray held on the night.

Facts about The Chinese New Year 9 : A Reunion Dinner

Reunion dinner consist are the complete family. Usually held in the most senior home. The kind of meal are from meat. Anything such as ducks, chickens, seafood etc.

Facts about The Chinese New Year 10 : Southeast New Year Celebration

Chinese tride spread all around the world, but the biggest one is in Southeast Asia. The biggest celebration held in Malaysia and Singapore.



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