Interesting facts about the Last Supper painting

Here I want to tell you facts about the Last Supper which probably give you the information about this. The Last Supper is the final meal which became part of the Gospel accounts. During this time, before the crucifixion of Jesus, he shared his Apostles in Jerusalem. The commemoration of it event called the Maundy Thursday. And here are facts about the Last Supper which need you to know.

Facts about the Last Supper 1 : Terminology

In the New Testament there is no term which exact appear as “Last Supper”. But, traditionally much Christians have to referred Last Supper to the New Testament with the last meal of Jesus which shared with his Apostles.

Facts about the Last Supper 2 : Scriptutal Basis

Last Supper is the last meal which Jesus shared with his disciples. It described in four canonical Gospels. It most likely as the retelling the events into the last meal of Jesus between the early Christian community. Then, it set as a ritual.

Facts 2 Last Supper – Leonardo da Vinci

Facts about the Last Supper 3 : Background

There are some narrative which described the story about the Last Supper. The story which consisted the Last Supper such as Prediction of Judas’ betrayal, Institution od the Eucharist, prediction of Peter’s denial, and elements unique to the Gospel of John.

Facts about the Last Supper 4 : Time

The estimated date of the crucifixion was in range AD 30-26. In 1950s, Annie Jaubert argued that Jesus death in the lunar calendar which had Passover begin in Friday evening. while, the Last Supper was right before after Jesus death. It estimated that the Last Supper occurred in Thursday.

Facts 4 Last Supper Mosaic

Facts about the Last Supper 5 : Location

Location which used as the tradition of the Last Supper took place in the Room of the Last Supper n the Mount Zion. It located at the outside of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Facts about the Last Supper 6 : Remembrances

Roman Catholics remembered the institution of the Eurachist in the Last Supper as the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary. It as the inauguration of the New Covenant mentioned that Jesus took bread and then blessing it broke it and gave the bread to them.

Facts 6 Last Supper by Dieric Bouts

Facts about the Last Supper 7 : Passover Parallels

There are some version of the Last Supper especially on the meal which Jesus eaten. Some believed that the meal was Passover Seder while the other not believed on that.

Facts about the Last Supper 8 : Dinners for the Dead

Some scholar told that the Last Supper as the dinner of the dead. Because it occurred a day before Jesus got his death. Then, it set as the tradition which celebrated with eat some meals too.

Facts 8 Last Supper by Fritz von Uhde

Facts about the Last Supper 9 : Christian Art

The Last Supper known as the popular subject of the Christian art. It described as the painting when Jesus and people around him had any meal on the night.

Facts about the Last Supper 10 : Leonardo da Vinci’s Depiction

The Leonardo da Vinci’s depiction became the famous examples of the Last Supper depiction. It as the first work of High Renaissance with using the high lever harmony on to this work of art.

Facts 10 Christ Taking Leave of the Apostles

Those are facts about the Last Supper which need you to know, hopefully you will enjoy that following facts.


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