Interesting facts about Pyramid of Giza

These following facts about the Great Pyramid of Giza may give you useful information for your holiday. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest among three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis. It has several names such as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops. Let’s check the list below to get more information.

Facts about the Great Pyramid of Giza 1: Measurement

The Egyptologists believe that the pyramid was originally 280 Egyptian cubits tall 146.5 meters. However, the erosion and absence of its pyramidion its present height is 138.8 meters. Its mass is around 5.9 million tones and the volume is approximately 2,500,000 cubic meters.

Facts about the Great Pyramid of Giza 2: History

The Great Pyramid of Giza was believe as a tomb for Fourth Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Khufu. This assumption is base on a mark in an interior chamber naming the work gang and a reference to the dynasty.

Facts 2 (History)

Facts about the Great Pyramid of Giza 3: Materials

The materials of the Great Pyramid of Giza consist of limestone, granite and mortar. In fact,  the materials contain approximately 2.3 million blocks. It is estimated that 5.5 million tons of limestone, 8,000 tons of granite (imported from Aswan). and 500,000 tons of mortar were used in the construction of the Great Pyramid.

Facts about the Great Pyramid of Giza 4: Casing Stones

White casing stones which discover the Great Pyramid can be describes slant-face, flat-top, blocks of highly polish white limestone. However, the casing stones precisely cut to a face slope to give the proper dimensions. Unfortunately, a massive earthquake in AD 1303 loosened many of the outer casing stone.

Facts 4 (Casing Stones)

Facts about the Great Pyramid of Giza 5: Construction Theories

Many theories about the pyramid’s construction techniques have been in delivery. Whether the block were dragged, lifted, or even rolled into place is still a mystery. However, the Greeks believed that the construction used slave labor. Moreover, different with the Greeks, modern discoveries made at nearby workers’ camps associated with construction at Giza suggest it was built instead by tens of thousands of skilled workers.

Facts about the Great Pyramid of Giza 6: Tallest Man-made Structure for Over 3,800 years

With its height, the Great Pyramid of Gaza was the tallest man-made structure in the world for over 3,800 years. In fact, In C. 1300, the spire of Lincoln Cathedral with 160 meters broke the record of the pyramid.

Facts 6 (Tallest Man-made Structure for Over 3,800 years)

Facts about the Great Pyramid of Giza 7: The Lost City

The Lost City is a place refers to a worker’s town outside of the wall discovered by Mark Lehner. Morever, based on pottery styles, seal impressions, and stratigraphy, the city considered to have been constructed and occupied sometime during the reigns of Khafre (2520–2494 BC) and Menkaure (2490–2472 BC).

Facts about the Great Pyramid of Giza 8: Pyramid Complex

A complex of several buildings including small pyramids surrounded the Great Pyramid. In addition, In this complex, there are the Pyramid Temple, the Valley Temple and the Queen’s Pyramid.

Facts 8 (Pyramid Complex)

Facts about the Great Pyramid of Giza 9: Three Known Chambers

The Great Pyramid has three known chambers inside. In fact, those are the lowest chamber, Queen’s Chamber and King’s Chamber.

Facts about the Great Pyramid of Giza 10: King’s Chamber

The King’s Chamber has 10.47 meters length and 5.234 meters width which is completely full of granite. However, above the roof, there are five compartments known as Relieving Chambers. In addition, from lower to upper, the chambers are known as “Davison’s Chamber”, “Wellington’s Chamber”, “Nelson’s Chamber”, “Lady Arbuthnot’s Chamber”, and “Campbell’s Chamber”.


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