Fascinating facts about ferocious North Korea

In the modern world, North Korea is the biggest threat to international peace. Their authoritarian government is responsible for countless murders and atrocities in their nation. And the nation remains completely isolated from the rest of the world. In fact, they don’t have any ally nation. This isolated nation also makes North Korea one of the most mysterious places in the world. Their weapons program is hidden from the world. However, North Korea tend to threat the US with their nuclear weapons in the recent times. They may have been spending a lot on their defense program but the country still cripples when it comes to basic infrastructure.

Here some most fascinating facts about North Korea:

  1. North Korea has approved 18 haircuts for women and 10 for men:

    Yes, you read that right the authoritarian government of North Korea even controls the type of hairstyle their citizens want to have. Anyone violating this is put under the bars with a charge of sedition. In the recent times, many people got under the bars for imitating hairstyles from South Korean pop stars.

  2. North Korea follows their own calendar:

    It’s quite weird but they don’t follow the traditional Christian system instead they use the birth of Kim IL Sung. Therefore, the year it not 2017 but 106 according to their calendar.

  3. Ryugyong Hotel is the tallest structure:

    With 105 floors, the Ryugyong Hotel is the tallest structure in North Korea. However, despite its huge size over 3,000 rooms remain empty. Maybe North Korea’s crippling economy contributes to this fact.

  4. Choco Pies are banned:

    A ridiculous ban on the Choco pies was imposed by Kim Jong-Un. The government feared that it would promote South Korean culture. That will lead to an uprising against the government of North Korea. In response, South Korea launched about 50 balloons carrying Choco Pies towards North Korea.

  5. Blue jeans are illegal:

    Wearing Blue jeans in North Korea will land you in prison with the charge of treason to the country. The government is said to believe that blue jeans will promote American imperialism in their land. And we know in the past America and North Korea have enemies who fought against each other.

  6. Weed is not illegal:

    Today, many western countries are facing the appeal to legalize weed. However, in North Korea, it is already legal and anyone could grow some pot in their backyard.

  7. The concept of three generations sentence:

    There are certain crimes in North Korea that will land you, your father and your father into jail. No matter whether they have any involvement in the crime or not. Rules are rules in North Korea and no one dares to question this authoritarian nature of the government. As a result, the jails in North Korea remains over crowded with no capacity for new prisoners.

  8. Next to no electricity:

    There’s no doubt North Korea is a backward country. Their poor infrastructure is further displayed by the lack of electricity in most of its region. It almost gets completely dark in the night. There are street lights but most of them are faulty or the state provides connections to them. If you take pictures of North Korea from space then you will only find dark black spots instead of lighting.

  9. People were jailed for not moaning after the death of Kim Jong-il:

    Kim Jong-il was the former supreme leader of North Korea. He died in 2011. The lunatic government jailed thousands of people for six months. Their government said that they were not sufficiently upset over the death of their former leader.

  10. You must play the government radio:

    In North Korea, every home and shops have a radio which is tuned to the government channel of propaganda. You cannot turn off that radio, you can only the volume down.

  11. If you are a teacher, then you must know how to play accordion:

    The government says that it’s their cultural heritage. Therefore, a teacher must know how to play it and tech as well. The Koreans consider it to be the “people’s instrument”. All the functions and celebrations are incomplete without playing the accordion.

  12. North Korea adopted their own time zone in 2015:

    Being different is good. But doing everything opposite is something different. In 2015 the country created their own time zone. Earlier North Korea was running under the Japanese rules.

  13. North Korea claims to have unicorn land:

    We know that unicorns are a part of fairy tales to amuse the children. But in 2012, North Korea went to a whole new level of madness. They claimed that they found some old lair of a unicorn. Furthermore, they even believe that the unicorn was ridden by legendary King Tongmyong. The people of North Korea blindly believed what they were said.

  14. A ban on Coca cola:

    Okay, you might think that this a good step to ensure good health of their citizens. But North Korea is never concerned about the health instead they say Coke will promote American culture to their citizens. In fact, North Korean government is really scared about the influence of the US. Similarly, Cuba has also banned the sale of Coca Cola in their nation. The Cuban government thinks that it will spread capitalism.

  15. No internet access:

    In the modern days, the internet is has played a great role propagating information over the world. Presently, What happens somewhere becomes a featuring story in just a couple of minutes. But North Korea has almost no internet access to their citizens. The government deliberately did this to stop any kind of influence over its citizens. However, in the recent times, only a few have the privilege to their own version of the internet (Kwangmyong). That to features, only 5000 government controlled websites.

  16. They use a US naval ship as a tourist spot:

    The USA and North Korea had a massive war in the 60s. In which North Korea had captured a US naval ship called Pueblo. Presently, it is serving a museum of the Korean war.

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