Competition: A spirit for better self


Today’s age is an age of competition. There is throat-cut contest everywhere. If you are slow and sluggish, the game will slip out of your hands. Your debacle and defeat is sure shot. Now be on your guards, gird up your loins. Therefore, do not feel shy and timid in the race of life.

Competition and us:

The world worships those who are atop, who stand first, who come out with flying colors. In fact, we raise slogans of welcome in the honor of those who beat all other competitors. Now, this world belongs to those who are top-class. As a result, backbenchers, work shirkers, and black sheep stand no change of praise or appreciation. The people do not sympathize with a loser, they are always on the side of the gainer.

These days’ life has become very complicated. The weaker and the slower must go to the wall. In fact, they have little claim on the wealth of a country. Furthermore, they are deprived of the luxuries of the world. A simple-minded fellow is dubbed as silly and foolish.Therefore, a dullard loses the game of life. One low who is very slow to learn and comprehend (understand), will score very low. Accordingly, his performance will below the average. He has no chance of competing. He is even not eligible to enter the gates U.P.S.C (Union Public Service Commission – a place where competitions are held every day).

Now the times have changed, children live in a competitive world. Accordingly, there are class competitions. Then you appear in public examinations. Mere pass marks will not deliver the goods; you must beat the rest. Then you are a hero, then you are offered a seat of authority. You become top-ranking. You are decorated with medals, trophies, and badges, you are awarded big cash prizes. And your career gets a splendid start. For this reason, the very charm of life is achieved.


Let us determine to rise in life. Let us touch the sky. But the path leads through hard work. The way to glory goes through competition. Therefore, grapple with it and get the best of it.

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