Being self efficient is the key to success


Selfhelp is the best help. Those who help themselves are always helped by the Lord. By self-help, one gains confidence. He becomes self-sufficient. And he is free and independent. Furthermore, he never looks to others for any sort of succor (help). This independent nature takes him to success after success. In fact, he never fails in life. His every mission is full of accomplishment (success). Finally, his face shines in glory.

How it helps us?

He who looks to others for some favor or the other can never get self-confidence. In fact, he is dependent on others, he is a handicap and crippled. He lacks conviction (state of being sure). And, he is wanting in every job. The wheel of life is always jammed, never moving. If others come to his help, only then he is able to break the sod, otherwise, his progress is stationary, never in the gear. To keep the wheel of life always moving and in time, it is essential to be self-supporting, standing on one’s own feet. So why wait for crutches and other’s support?

People say with pride: ‘I am self-made. It is my own achievement. My parents did not leave me any inheritance It is self-acquired, collected with my own hands. And I earned it with the sweat of own brows,’ All these points to self-help. These are the instances of self-made people. What worked and toiled upwards in the night who burnt mid-night oil. They did not rest till goal was achieved and reached.

By ‘Self-help’ we mean helping one-self with one’s own hands, utilizing (using) all resources, at one’s own command, who can move mountains single-handedly like the immortal lover Farhad who cut mountain for seventeen long years in order to fetch the river of milk to the palace of his Shirin. This single example of unparalleled courage proves my point of self-help. Let us stand on our own feet looking towards none. Our motto should be ‘Excelsior i.e. “move forward higher and higher all alone”.

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