Ambitions and us


Ambition if we say , is the dream or at the end at where one suppose to think himself to be. In fact, Ambition may also be the drive which causes you to move towards a particular aim. Ambition varies from individual to individual, well for a small child it is not determined but it still follows to achieve some targets through expressing physical attributes such as crawling or holding the spoon properly to walk and eat properly.

But as it grows and knows the society, it searches for itself among the different identities too be associated with and finally culminates into one, thereafter there comes varied individuals with varied targets or ambitions in their life. For a leading businessman, maximum profit year by year, is the ambition, well for a business school graduate to be a leading businessman is the ambition.

Support for Ambition:

It itself shows ambition changes at each level a person achieves something. Talking about ambition is fruitful, but the question arise what drives this ambition to be never ending and determined. “To love what you do, is to do what you love”. This quote reminds us of the fact to search for something which everyday our soul strives for and is happy being a part of it or it being a part of our identity. A person compelled to work a 9 to 5 job that disgusts him each day, will not only depress him, but let him fail to reach his ambition. Finding a passion is a must therefore. Search it until you find it. Now during searching and finally coming to terms of what you want to do, one should set targets step by step to achieve that.

Targets can be brought under your roof through different methods and in each method you might face failures. Well “Books” are the source of hope and knowledge to know where you lack and what you must do. Discussing your ambitions with like-minded people will give you the support mechanism to increase your potential to the full extent and grab experiences in practical aspects to realise your ambition.

Better chances of achieving your ambition

At the end, all need the backbone support of your family and friends, because at the end of the day, they will be the ones to give a longing ear and supporting arms to linger on them and cry out your failures and them saying, ”Chill, today you are
crying, but I have full faith in you. You are one day going to shine on that stage like a diamond and tell your story of success to everyone aspiring to be You.

Till, then count your failures to let motivate people later, boy ( buddy)!“ For a long time consistent achievement of your goals in your ambition, a lifelong companion who strives to bring out the excellence in you and share the same views as you or either come to the same mutual understanding is a part to something impeccable to your ambition. This person might teach you how two people with same views can support each other willingly and bring the greatest happiness and support to each other at every times, be it happy or tough.


But, at the end, the person himself needs to be their own support. To being persistent and hopeful in the tough times and remaining grounded and hardworking in the successful times. Your ambition is a part of your soul and thus search and never lose hope for it, because that is the greatest strength to support your ambition even if the world stops believing on you , dear.

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