10 Things you should know about Eggs

Parents need to know more about the egg nutrition facts from boiled, scrambled, or even fresh egg for all of them contain different level of calories and also fats. Egg is a very functional meal for it is easy to cook. Some people also love to consume it in a raw condition. In this post, let me give you the top 10 interesting egg nutrition facts

  1. Choline

On the first egg nutrition facts, you may see that an egg contains Choline. Such nutrient is good for our body since it can renew the cell membrane. Moreover, Choline also maintains our memory system. If you want to avoid any eye problems like cataract, you may need to consume it for it produces lutein.

  1. Vitamin

An egg also contains vitamin D which is good for the body. You will never get any vitamin C for this egg, but you may enjoy some mineral, protein as well as other nutrition beneficial for any kinds of people.

  1. China and egg

Let’s see the third egg nutrition facts. When talking about the largest producer of egg, you will probably never think that it is China which has taken such position. In a year, this country is able to generate 160 billion of eggs.

  1. Egg from old and young Hen

There is a difference between an old and young hen in producing the egg. If you love to have the egg for the young hen, you will get double yolk. On the other hand, if you pick the egg from the older one, you may enjoy much bigger egg. The cooked egg produced more calories at 77 than the uncooked one.

  1. Cooked egg daily value

Let’s see the daily value of a cooked egg. If you eat it, you will be served with 2 per cent vitamin E, 4 per cent Vitamin D, 70 per cent cholesterol, 5 per cent vitamin A and also 11 per cent of Vitamin B12.

  1. Raw egg calorie ratio

    What about the daily value of the raw egg? Can you tell me about it? If you eat such egg, you will get 35% protein, 2 % carbohydrate along with 63% fats. Such egg nutrition facts are based on the calorie ratio pyramid.

  1. Cooked egg calorie ratio

Now let’s talk about the egg nutrition facts of cooked egg calorie ratio. If you eat and cook an egg, you will get 35% protein, 3% carbohydrate as well as 65% of fats. This valuable information is decided according to the calorie ratio pyramid.

  1. Raw egg daily value

Just like the cooked egg mentioned above, the raw egg also has its own daily value. It contains 71% cholesterol, 9 per cent vitamin B12, 15 per cent Riboflavin, 4 per cent calories and also six per cent Vitamin A.

  1. Scrambled egg

If you really love to consume scramble egg, you need to know the amount of calories provided by such menu. If you make scrambled egg, you will get 74 calories from one egg. If you love to have the big portion, you will get 100 calorie. It can give you the power to exercise for at least an hour.

  1. White and yellow egg calories

Now we come to the last egg nutrition facts. An egg is made up from two parts called as yellow and white egg. The yellow one will carry 59 calories. If you love to consume the white, you will get 17 calories. Thus, you will get 92 calories when you consume an egg.


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