10 Things everyone should know about Christmas


If you really love to celebrate the Christmas day, it is better for you to know the Christmas facts. I believe that most of you do not know much about some facts behind the day of the birth of the Christ. That’s why you should stay here and read the whole post about Christmas facts below.

  1. Date of Christmas

Date of Christmas is celebrated in 25th December. Such date was chosen because it was the time when the Christmas was born as well as when the sun was born. This universal day was promoted by the Church in Rome.

  1. The Nativity Scene

One of the interesting figures that you have already known is Saint Francis. This figure has the ability to handle and control the life of the animals. But some of you probably have not recognized that this Saint was present in the Nativity scene.

  1. Christmas Gifts

One of the best traditions loved not only by kids abut also by the adults is the habit of delivering Christmas gift. Such tradition had begun in ancient time conducted by the Ancient Rome. Such attraction can be preserved well since this day.

  1. Forbidden Christmas

On the seventh aspect about Christmas facts, you will be surprised and never think that actually celebrating Christmas was banned in a certain period of time. It was in England based on the Act of Parliament 1644 that no one should celebrate such day.

  1. Misconceptions

There is some misconception that you may see attached to this Christmas celebration. One of the interesting aspects is that there is no occurrence of nativity if you see it based on the point of view of Mithras’s character.

  1. Christmas Crackers

One of the important things that you should have during Christmas is the Christmas crackers. If you think that it is significant, you will always place it as the main menu on the table. In UK, you will always see such cracker, but it seems that in US people do not consider it as important food anymore.

  1. Christmas Tree

The celebration of Christmas will never be completed without the presence of the Christmas tree. The pioneer of Christmas tree is Saint Boniface. Finally, people then followed the step by cutting a tree to celebrate the Christmas.

  1. Xmas

Let’s talk the next Christmas facts based on the Xmas word. This word for some people is considered as disrespectful to Christmas. However, you may need to know that actually the x letter in Greek means chi. Above all, the Xmas word is actually as sacred as the word Christmas. Therefore, there is no need to be upset about it.

  1. Santa Claus

When talking about the Christmas facts, you may need to know about Santa Claus. The man behind the name of Santa Claus actually is the Saint Nicholas. In fact, he was a generous Church Bishop who always gave a gift for the poor people.

1.Candy Canes

The last Christmas facts are about the kids’ favorite food. You may guess about the candy canes. The candy is curved for some reasons. In fact, it is used to accommodate the positive quality represented through the figure of the Christ.



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