It means it was highlighted. It got special attention, or a lot of views/clicks, so the website decided it should be on the front page so more people could see what everyone else was seeing.

Featured Posts
These posts are job posts that receive enhanced prominence on the site and attract the highest quality proposals. You can set up your job from the beginning as a Post or Relist an existing Job Post as Featured.

Are highlighted at the top of job search results.

Receive more proposals –  Jobs on average receive 30% more proposals than non-featured jobs.

Attract the highest quality candidates – Jobs signal that you mean business.

Receive tailored proposals – candidates invest more to respond to Featured Jobs.

Get proposals faster – It has sort option makes your job stand out in the marketplace.

Allow you to invite as many Freelancers as you’d like.

Let you Relist the job after you post. It will be placed again at the top of job search. (Limit of two relistings per job).

Let you hang onto any proposals you’ve already received (if a job post is Relisted as it).

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