• Music can be defined as organised sound, but this is not strict enough. Because not all organised sound is music.
    • Most people would agree that the regular throb of a motor or a drill is not music. Something which has a regular beat could be used as part of the rhythm in a piece of experimental music. But this does not make it in its own right.
    • I define the boundary line as being between a simple beat, which is not it. And a rhythm, which is a very simple form of it. You and others may disagree.
    • The most general definition is any set of organised sounds which has been planned (and usually notated) so that the sound produced is largely consistent every time it is performed.
    • Cocepts

      • Because of differing fundamental concepts, the languages of many cultures do not contain a word that can be accurately translated as “music,” as that word is generally understood by Western cultures (Nettl 2005). Inuit and most North American Indian languages do not have a general term for it. Among the Aztecs, the ancient Mexican theory of rhetorics, poetry, dance, and instrumental used the Nahuatl term In xochitl-in kwikatl to refer to a complex mix of it and other poetic verbal and non-verbal elements, and reserve the word Kwikakayotl (or cuicacayotl) only for the sung expressions (Leon-Portilla 2007, 11).
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