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Why personal branding should be your number one priority

Tom Peters was the first person who coined the term ‘Personal Branding‘ in his revolutionary article “A Brand Called You”. Earlier, branding only resembled companies but now times have changed, now it can also resemble specific people too. Technology has evolved immensely over the years, and people are able to connect to each other more effectively. Today, people directly want to connect with people rather than a company. Because it is less complex to trust the real people than any business. Being a great personality create a good personal brand. As a matter of fact, many celebrities have created a range of products using their name as the tag. For example, Tom Ford, Robin Sharma.

By basic definition personal branding can be defined as “the means through which people recognize or remember you”. You can see this effect in giant empires such as TATA, GODREJ etc.

You can create a good personal brand by following these steps:

  1. know yourself and be realistic: 

    You need to learn the people’s perception about yourself. Then you need to sort out your strengths, weaknesses, threats. In addition, try to understand your needs and passion. As it will help you define yourself even better. Finally, try to connect with the target audience with similar passion and interests. You need to write down all the points about your weaknesses and qualities. Select the most suitable target group for your marketing.

  2. Earn Credibility: 

    Reputation is what attracts people. While building your brand try to focus on your credibility. As credibility is very similar to virginity, once you lose it, there’s no turning back. Therefore, you potential customers won’t turn back if they find that you don’t have any credibility. Try to project the real you instead of lying about your qualities. Or you can try to become more authentic to know people’s need before meeting them.  You should know people will get to know your reputation even before meeting you.

  3. Spend time in promoting yourself: 

    Having a good finished product is good. But having the proper promotion of the product is even better. You need to promote yourself to get the attention of people. For that, you can interact with people through stage, conferences. In addition, you can also post on Social media or get media coverage. But before any kind of promotion make sure where and why you want to be noticed. No doubt, you will face negative fame if you mess up in the promotion process. Therefore, try to post relevant content on your social media pages. And try to speak the necessary on social events like a conference. By all this promotion you will surely have a greater appeal and control over them.

  4. Knowledge is power and updating a life process: 

    For a better mass appeal, you must have the knowledge about the industry you tend to target. In addition, you must keep yourself updated with the latest news and updates of the industry. By this, you will never get obsolete in the market. Therefore, if someone asks you about your brand then you could easily answer them without any hesitation. And you know that confidence is the key to success.

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